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May, 2017

From the Editor:

Remembering those that have come before us and impacted our lives, either directly or indirectly, is a celebration of life, not death. Whether its Memorial Day in the States, Remembrance Day in Canada, Revolution Day in Mexico, or whatever day is set aside in other countries, many of these holidays have morphed from remembering warriors to loved ones as well.

While we all can’t be war heroes, we can be heroes in other ways. Are you making a positive difference in someone else's life? You will assuredly be mourned by somebody when we pass on. But will you be remembered for doing something a little extra? That potential can only be achieved while you are still here.

Chris Popp

DieQua News

Spring AHTD Meeting Attended

The Association of High Technology Distribution is a professional organization of distributors of automation components and systems, solution integrators, and manufacturers of the products distributed. DieQua attended, along with 285 other members, and exhibited at the recent Spring Meeting. Read more...

Personal Development

How To Make A Difference

While you are probably doing your share, its likely you could be doing even more to impact those around you. From reducing our carbon footprint, to engaging in some philanthropic activity, to just making a positive impact on our family, friends and coworkers, more can be done. Here are 65 ways to make a difference. Read more...

Design Technology

Catalog Data Is Irrelevant

Ok, that’s a bit misleading. Gearbox technical data is accurate, based on a specific set of selected parameters. But your application is unique, so its only a starting point. This article explains how gearbox capacities are calculated and offers several tips for manipulating the data to satisfy your actual need. Read more...

Application of the Month

Designing For Dish Positioning

Communication satellites transfer data to dishes on the ground, the positioning of which can be achieved in different ways. Here we explain the process we used for gearbox selection in one example, with the engineering concepts applicable to other rotary positioning applications with uneven or shock loading.   Read more...

Product Focus Video

Gearbox Housing Material Options

The Tandler series of spiral bevel gearboxes is well known for their precision and high performance. But they are just as known for their design versatility. However, you probably aren't aware of the range of housing materials and surface finishes available for corrosion protection and weight considerations. Read more & Watch the Video...


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