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Behavior & Characteristics of Torque Limiters & Safety Couplings

Disengagement behaviour

Behaviour of Torque Limiters / Safety Coupling

Spring characteristic

Degressive spring characteristic

Spring characteristic of Torque Limiters

Spring package:

R + W Torque Limiters function by means of a disc spring with a degressive characteristic developed exclusively for this application. Upon the couplings actuation, this characteristic (13) brings about an immediate drop in the torque (14) and an interruption of the force flux.

The spring force of the disc spring drops to a lower value after the disengagement process. This advantage guarantees extremely short actuation times (1-3 ms), low wear and very low residual friction (between 2-5 %).


The service life of the coupling is essentially determined by the number of rotations after disengagement.


No wear occurs during engaged operating condition. In the event of an overload the drive should be stopped through a mechanical limit switch or proximity switch immediately.


When properly engaged, the Torque Limiters are wear free, and therefore require no maintenance. The ball detent mechanism within each coupling is permanently lubricated.


Optional a sealing of the safety coupling / torque limiter is possible:

sealing Safety Coupling, Torque Limiter

Advantages of the sealing:

  • Overload protection from dirt and liquid contamination
  • Appropriate for food service and light washdown environments
  • No escape of grease possible

Prior technical approval is suggested, for applications using our products other than specified.

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