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Introduction - Kel-Tech Stainless Steel Motors
In order to assure the service life of this motor, and to minimize any downtime of this product, please follow the procedures set forth in this booklet. These common sense procedures will extend the lifetime of this product.

  • Visually inspect the motor for any apparent damage that may occur during shipment. If there is any damage to the shipping container, or the motor itself such as the shaft will not turn, or the fan cover is dented, or if there is evidence of excessive damage, please refuse delivery of the motor.
  • Before installing the motor, make sure that the nameplate data is correct, and in accordance with the specifications required.

  • Kel-Tech Stainless Steel motors may be mounted horizontally, or vertically if there is free movement of air for cooling. Ambient temperatures must not exceed 104° F (40° C).
  • Motors are designed for NEMA F1 mounting assemblies.
  • Insure that the motors are mounted on firm, flat bases, and that the bolts used for mounting are as large as the mounting holes.
  • Avoid over-tightening belts, which causes premature bearing failure.

  • Remove the condensation drain plug in C-Bracket at the lowest point and install T-Type drain provided (in instruction manual bag) to inhibit outside contamination. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
  • Seal Tight conduit and fitting must be used to ensure moisture does not enter the conduit box enclosure. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
  • Do not touch the motor when it is running.

Power Supply and Connections
  • Power supply should not vary more than +/- 10% from nominal voltage per nameplate.
  • Insure that starting controls and overload protection relays are sized properly according to motor ratings, National Technical Code, and the control manufacturer.
  • Disconnect all power, and discharge capacitors, before working or performing maintenance on the motor.
  • Use marked Terminal Screw for proper ground connection.

Connection Diagram - For Frame Sizes 180, 140, and 56

Connection Diagram - For Frame Size 210

  • Kel-Tech Stainless Steel NEMA motors are built and designed for longevity, and very low maintenance. The maintenance requirements set forth in this manual will insure the motor's life.
  • Applications that require full use of service factor should be avoided due to temperature and heat dissipation dynamics.

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