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ServoFoxx® Gearhead Installation Instructions

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Motor Mounting

Most gearhead manufacturers have a rigid connection between the motor shaft and the reducer. Although on the surface this seems appropriate, it can actually lead to performance and maintenance problems.

The typical gearhead design has a single bearing supporting the input shaft. The sun gear then centers itself between the planet gears when under load. This is not possible, however, when the input shaft is rigidly mounted to the motor.

In the event that there is a small misalignment, due to tolerances in the flange adapters, the sun gear is not allowed to find it's optimum position. This results in more noise, inefficiency, and reduced capacity.

The ServoFoxx® design incorporates a torsionally rigid, flexible bellow element that compensates for any pilot error. The gearhead input shaft is supported by two bearings, guaranteeing the optimum sun gear position, resulting in maximum performance.

This design also accounts for any thermal expansion of the motor shaft, and aids in disassembly should a failure occur.

Follow these instructions when mounting:

  1. Measure dimension X (top of coupling to top of adapter plate) using a depth gauge.
  2. Add the coupling pretensioning value to dimension X. The result is dimension Y.
  3. Position the coupling hub or add a shim to the motor shaft to achieve Y.
  4. Tighten hub bolts using the proper tightening torque.

Gearhead Mounting

The most favorable mounting position for optimum lubrication is with all shafts in a horizontal plane. For the FS and SKP series it is also acceptable to mount the input shaft vertically down.

Whenever shafts require vertical mounting, especially in the series PL2FS and series PSK2FS, special lubrication considerations will most likely be necessary. Consult your DieQua representative for the proper lubrication option and specification.

When connecting the gearhead output shaft to the driven load, alignment is a critical concern. It is best to use a flexible coupling to compensate for any shaft misalignment. DieQua offers a wide range of highly rigid bellow coupling designs to achieve a zero backlash connection.

When selecting a hollow bore shaft mount gearhead, great care should be taken if the gearhead is to be rigidly mounted. Precise alignment is necessary to avoid premature bearing wear.

When transmitting motion via a belt or gear, the effective radial load must be calculated. The catalog radial load capacities are based on continuous speed. Cyclic applications may allow for higher or lower radial load capacities depending on the cycle. Consult your DieQua representative in these instances.

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