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DieQua Convenes First Technical Institute of 2016

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

Why does DieQua offer so many different gearbox technologies? Where are all these options most appropriately used? These two basic questions are what several application engineers from three of our authorized distributors came to the DieQua corporate headquarters to find out.

The event was the DieQua Technical Institute, or DTI, held February 16-18 near Chicago Illinois. DTI is a training class covering the analytical process of identifying the characteristics of a power transmission or motion control application and selecting the proper gear product to satisfy the requirements. It is held 2-3 times per year, primarily for our distribution partners, but also for our OEM customer design engineers.

Application requirements go far beyond just speed, torque and power. We analyze up to 36 different characteristics including configuration, mounting, performance and environmental conditions, among many others. This gives us a clear picture of the customer’s needs and desires.

The next step in the class is the understanding of the benefits and limitations of various gear technologies such as worm, helical, bevel, and the potential combinations of each, followed by identifying and learning the available product lines that include these technologies, along with the features that differentiate them within each family. With up to seven possible solutions offering a right angle configuration in a 10:1 ratio, understanding the nuances is critical for choosing the optimal product.

The second day is test day. Several application examples are presented to small groups within the class. Some examples provide most of the technical data while others require further questioning of the “customer”, played by the instructor, to extract missing details necessary to find a solution. This is more typical of real world situations.

By combining their new knowledge of the range of application characteristics and the gearbox technologies that are most appropriate, the participants engaged in lively discussion as they attempted to come up with the best solution. They didn’t get them all right, but their ability to analyze the situation and understand possible options was markedly better than when they arrived. Further study and experience will hone their skills making them ever more valuable to their customers.

Chris Popp



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