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DieQua Introduces New Print Media Program

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

Creating the appropriate image and corporate message is an important element of any advertising program. DieQua engages a variety of media to communicate the capabilities of the company as well as to promote the individual products that are offered.

Along with an extensive digital initiative DieQua also partners with several engineering and machine design magazines to present a print message through display advertising. The continuing message has been that DieQua offers more gearboxes than other sources, for applications ranging from power transmission to motion control, along with the expertise and experience to help select the best one for our customer’s needs.

For 2016 we are expanding this program, with larger ads and more insertions. A key addition to the message is the question “Are you selecting the right technology?” This question is intended to get a design engineering to consider whether the gear technology selected for a specific application is the best one to do the job.

There is a reason there are so many different gear technologies offered in the market place. It’s because each one has characteristics that affect the performance of the machine it’s integrated into. Identifying the operating requirements of an individual application and matching it with the proper gear technology is important for optimizing the selection, whether that be for performance, cost or configuration.

DieQua has assembled the widest range of gearbox, gearhead and speed reducer technologies available, which provides a unique advantage for our customers. Instead of offering a narrow range of gearbox technologies that may not be optimal for the application, as most manufacturers are limited to, DieQua is able to offer the best solution from our extensive portfolio to maximize the customer’s machine performance.

No one offers a larger selection or the experience in applying the various gearbox options available to machine designers and manufacturers. That is why the new tag line, “If you are using gearboxes you should be talking to DieQua” is more relevant than ever before.

Chris Popp



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