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DieQua Employees Reflect On What They Are Thankful For In 2015

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

While we would be classified a B2B enterprise, day to day interaction with customers is still about people working with people. Even with great products, it’s our great people that provide the true value of what we offer.

While customers are king and are always appreciated, there are many other things that the employees of DieQua are thankful for. To highlight the human element of our organization some of them share with you their personal thoughts about what they are grateful for at this point in the year.

Donovan is thankful he gets to spend one last Thanksgiving with his terminally ill 94 year old grandmother.

Norm is thankful he can make choices, choices that others in the world don’t have. Considering the refugee situation in Europe, he is thankful for all the simple things in life most take for granted, and that are denied or taken away from so many.

Jeff W is thankful to be celebrating a 15 year anniversary at Diequa and a 17 year wedding anniversary, both affording him opportunities and experiences he would not otherwise have had.

Roberto is thankful that his car has been so dependable. In addition to surviving a long commute, it has all allowed him to visit family and friends without worries.

Fred is thankful to have a stable job and a healthy family.

Beth is thankful and blessed to be part of a large loving family who will come together next month to celebrate her mother’s 95th birthday and the health, vitality and sprit that still keeps her mom active and an inspiration to all.

Stanley is just thankful he is alive.

Tom K is thankful his love interest accepted his marriage proposal sending him on an exciting new direction in life and that his two sons also found true love, one recently getting married and the other setting a date for next year.

Doug is thankful to see another Thanksgiving after some recent health scares.

Mike is thankful for his family and that he can better accommodate their animals due to a recent move to a new house with plenty of space. He’s thankful for his work “family” and he’s especially grateful for the country we live in, which after traveling the world proves to him it offers freedom and opportunities like no other.

Tom C is thankful that his 7 grandchildren are all healthy, for getting a new son-in-law this year, and for his wife of 37 years. He feels blessed by people and experiences from all corners of the world.

Rodney is thankful that his 3 boys have been able to stay away from trouble this
year and are moving in a positive direction.

Chris is thankful that his love of golf returned to him after it being only a source of frustration for so many years instead of the pleasant diversion it should have been.

Rudy is thankful that recent checkups have shown him to be in good health.

Terri is thankful for the wonderful and supportive circle of friends that she and her husband have and their 2 furry, four pawed “children” that love them unconditionally and keep them on their toes.

Stef is thankful her entire family is healthy and that the daylight hours will start getting longer in a month.

Don is thankful for being able to provide a nice home for his family and that everyone is healthy enough to enjoy it.

Al is thankful that his 4 year old grandson continues to improve after early problems after birth.

Junior is thankful that all is going well with his family, friends and job.

Bill is thankful his best friend survived a recent bad motorcycle accident.

Alfred is thankful he is healthy and for all the things he can do because of it.

Erik is thankful for having a warm home, a stable job, great friends and a loving family.

It’s not a surprise that good health is at the top of most lists, for both the individual and their family and friends. Every other problem becomes minor if you aren’t in good shape. It’s also not surprising that experiences and feelings completely trump goods and services. It proves how little real value “things” have.

So, if you are like many of us and good health is the key, then there are some big questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are you doing to maintain it? You shouldn’t rely on luck alone.
  2. What are you doing to take advantage of it? The value of an opportunity is only realized when you do something with it.
  3. How do you show appreciation for it? Actions speak louder than words.

Life is short and filled with experiences both good and bad. Your gratitude for the good and attitude towards the bad are the main determinants in your pursuit of happiness and satisfaction.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Chris Popp



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