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DieQua Convenes 8th Annual National Sales Meeting

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

Collaboration with our customers to find the best solution for their needs is a key benefit of working with DieQua. Having a process to identify those needs and the product knowledge to provide suggestions are important elements of our sales staff's ability to help you.

The development and improvement of the process, the knowledge and the skills necessary to provide superior value to our customers is a constant and ongoing endeavor. A big step on this path is DieQua’s national sales meeting. This year’s edition was held September 17-19 at the corporate headquarters in Bloomingdale Illinois.

19 field agents, representing each of our sales partner organizations, traveled from all points on the compass to take part in the education, networking and relationship building that are big parts of the event. The entire inside staff of Product Support Specialists, Application Engineers and Products Managers were also in attendance to reinforce our team approach and allow all to the hear the same message.

As is tradition, the meeting opened on Thursday evening with a welcome reception at the host hotel, Eaglewood Resort. This allowed the majority to travel Thursday afternoon, with only a couple stragglers arriving late. With several new faces this was an opportunity for them to ease into the flow. It also provided the veterans a chance to reconnect with old colleagues.

Bright and early at 7:30 Friday morning the official program started with opening remarks by President Mike Quaas. These included the outline of goals to be accomplished at the meeting and a brief review of the year so far. Mary Delafeld followed with a review of our sales process and then a discussion of the attitudes and skills necessary to be a productive technical sales professional.

Prior to lunch there were two technical sessions presented by Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Popp. The first was a re-introduction of the Varvel RD series of diecast aluminum body inline helical speed reducers. Focus was on the competitive comparisons and advantages.

The second session highlighted the new line of Tandler high performance stainless steel spiral bevel gearboxes. While provided as a special design in the past, standardizing the program has led to economies of scale making them more affordable.

Two more comprehensive technical sessions were held in the afternoon. The first, led by Application Engineer Roberto Vasquez, was a deep dive into the identification of opportunities for Zimm screw jacks and the analysis and application data required for product selection.

The last session of the day was an exhaustive examination by Product Manager Tom Kahn of the precision Spinea Twinspin cycloidal reducer. This included the competitive advantages of its design and construction, the appropriate applications for which it is best suited (robotics, machine tools, UAVs, etc.), and the technical data required to properly size and integrate the units.

After that much brain drain it was time for some fun. After a quick wrap up of the day’s activities everyone piled into buses for the short drive to the Morton Arboretum. This is a 1700 acre living museum of trees from around the world, established in 1922 by the salt magnate Joy Morton. A tram tour, a sumptuous buffet and easy conversation was enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning came early and with it more training. In the first session Chris Popp reviewed the advantages of various gear technologies and the DieQua products that were related to each. It’s the wide range of solutions and the ability to help select which one is best that make’s DieQua unique.

The final session was an interactive exercise in application analysis, which entailed identifying the critical elements of 4 examples and determining which product would be most appropriate. The discussion was lively with the contributions from the participants verifying that the training was effective.

The general meeting came to a close at 11:30, with some heading to the airport while others took a factory tour. Those with later flights stayed for a final luncheon before saying their final good byes.

Initial feedback from the participants was excellent. When a technical salesman feels he/she is more informed and is also motivated to use the new knowledge to help customers, it’s a good thing for everyone involved. Continually building on the sales and technical skills learned is the next step in the process.



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