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DieQua Fabricates Servo Motor Adapters For Their Gearhead Lines

One of the biggest challenges in providing gearheads for the wide variety of servo motors in the market place is to be able to integrate the two together. Unlike general purpose motors that have mounting standards, NEMA in America and IEC just about everywhere else, servo motor mounting dimensions are produced to the whim of the manufacturer.

While there is some overlap between manufacturers there are enough unique dimensions that make stocking all the variations a very difficult proposition. Compound that by the number of gearhead alternatives that Diequa offers far above that of the competition, it created a challenge that needed a solution.

That solution was to begin fabricating the motor adapters in house instead of relying on our gearhead manufacturing partners to provide the timely supply of what we needed. With the appropriate CNC equipment already available in our factory it was only a matter of programming and inventory control.

The first step was to analyze the needs of our existing customers to determine the highest demand and begin producing the fastest movers. The second step was to manufacture excess quantities above that required for all new orders that came across the books.

While not every dimension combination we’ve seen is yet available for immediate use, the inventory of servo motors adapters is growing rapidly. The result is much quicker deliveries of the complete gearhead required by the customers, even with the widest variety of gearhead technologies available from a single source.

Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing



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