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Tandler to Launch New Line of Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

There are many machine designs where corrosion protection is a particular concern. Food processing, beverage bottling and outdoor environments are just a few examples of where the effects of corrosion can wreak havoc on gearboxes and other mechanical components.

Untreated cast iron or aluminum housings and carbon steel shafts and fasteners quickly degrade when exposed to the effects of moisture, high humidity or the chemicals in hygienic wash down situations. Protection of these materials is critical for optimal gearbox performance. Or they have to be replaced with an alternate material.

The typical choices we offer for gearbox surface protection are epoxy or stainless steel paint and nickel, chrome or zinc plating. While these options are cost effective and work well under most circumstances, they have their disadvantages in others. Under the harshest environments the longevity of protection is always in question.

A more reliable protection option is to use stainless steel. While Tandler has always offered their bevel boxes with stainless steel housings and shafts for special requirements, it’s been an expensive alternative for low quantity requirements. But where necessary it’s usually worth it.

However, due to increasing regulation within various industries, the growing need for more affordable corrosion protection solutions represented an opportunity. With a complete lack in availability of a high performance stainless spiral bevel gearbox in the marketplace, Tandler is moving to fulfill this need.

The new standard stainless steel spiral bevel gearbox line will be available in 4 sizes with ratios of 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1. Both “L” and “T” shaft configurations will be offered. Overall dimensions will match their cast iron product line. Housings, bearing caps, shafts and fasteners will all be made from high grade stainless material.

As is Tandler’s forte, these gearboxes are most appropriate for high performance applications, rather than standard industrial power transmission, and are priced accordingly. Low backlash, smooth operation, and precise rotary motion are typical characteristics that can be expected from these gearboxes.

The new line will be assembled to order, adding mounting holes to the customers’ specifications to reduce water collection points. Other customization options will be available at extra cost.

Performance and dimension data will be available on the DieQua website within the next few weeks, with print documentation to follow. For immediate needs, or for more information, contact your DieQua representative at 630-980-1133.

Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing



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