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DieQua Launches Two New Series Of Inline Helical Speed Reducers

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

There are a wide variety of machines that require a general purpose main drive gearbox that provides reliable and cost effective rotary motion. DieQua has launched two new series of helical inline reducers to satisfy those needs.

The Varvel RD is a series of two and three stage helical speed reducers with an inline configuration. Internal gears are case hardened and profile ground or shaved, depending on size, for high efficiency and maximum torque transmission. Large ball or roller bearings provide gear support and high radial capacities.

Housings and covers are made of die cast aluminum for superior rigidity while reducing the overall weight of the gear reducer. Output shafts are offered in either inch or metric dimensions. Motor input adapters are available for both NEMA and IEC standard frame sizes for worldwide usage. Servo motor input adapters are also available for motion control applications.

A particular advantage of the RD is the integrated flexible input coupling that offers several advantages for better performance and more flexible design. The same gearbox can even be used with multiple frame sizes just by changing the adapter plate and coupling hub.

Five sizes provide torque capacity from 250 inlbs up to 4,000 inlbs. An extensive selection of ratios, from 2.5:1 up to about 600:1, cover a wide speed range. Packaging, processing, material handling and conveying are all applications that can benefit from utilizing the RD series.

For more specialized requirements in the farm, poultry and feed industries, the Varvel RP series is the optimal solution, for example in small screw conveyors for transporting feed to poultry or pigs. The RP offers multiple output shaft connections including one hole, two hole and keyed options as well as for customized requirements. Either integrated or bolt on output flanges, with and without pilots, offer mounting flexibility.

The housing is made of a single piece die casting for high rigidity and reduced weight. While only one gearbox size is available, it can accommodate either NEMA 56 or 143 motor frame sizes. The 10 single stage nominal ratios offered range from 2.5:1 to 8:1.

Diequa Corporation is a single source for a variety of power transmission gearing solutions satisfying general purpose through heavy duty requirements. Application consulting and product selection assistance is provided to help you choose the best technology for your unique needs.

Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing



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