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DieQua Attends the Spinea International Sales Meeting

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

Bringing on a new product line is always exciting, especially one that shows so much promise and offers unique features and benefits that customers have been looking for but few if any suppliers can provide. Its even more exciting to attend an international sales meeting for the first time, getting the opportunity to meet the people we’ll be working with on a daily basis as well as interact with other sales professionals from around the world that already have experience with the product.

That is exactly what DieQua President Mike Quaas and Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Popp had the chance to do last month from January 28-30. For only the second time (the first being in 2014 to initiate the partnership) Mr. Quaas and Mr. Popp made the circuitous journey to Presov, Slovakia to take part in the two and a half day summit designed to introduce new developments, new applications and new sales strategies.

Spinea, s.r.o. is the result of the invention and development in the early 1990s of the Twin Spin High Precision Reduction Gear, which actually isn’t a gearbox but a cycloidal motion mechanism. These unique reduction units are ideal for robotics, machine tools, communication dish positioning, medical equipment and other servo driven automation applications requiring precise motion control and load support.

To the average American Slovakia certainly seems an unlikely location to spur creativity of this type. But in fact, the area around Presov, in the eastern part of the country, has historically been a region that embraced and spawned technical innovation for decades. And it is this innovation that is garnering a high percentage of the European robotics and machine tool drive business.

As one can imagine, these particular industries are dominated by a few well known manufacturers located in the Far East and Northern Europe. Hence, the majority of the sales partners attending the international get together were from the countries with the highest density of users of this technology. However, the rest of Europe was well represented along with the new comers from North America.

In spite of the lack of a robust machine tool or traditional robotics manufacturing industry in North America there are still plenty of industries that can take advantage of what the Twin Spin offers. Benefits include excellent positioning accuracy, precise position repeatability, high moment capacity, high torsional and tilting stiffness, high reduction ratios and a small envelope size. These are capabilities many automation designs would find invaluable.

Helping the task of finding appropriate matches between the technology and applications benefiting from it is the range of sizes and configurations offered in the program. 10 sizes in 4 different configurations provide outstanding design versatility. Several of the smaller sizes are offered by no other cycloidal manufacturer and offer significant benefits over flex spline gear designs that are typically used in the lower torque range covered.

Along with an array of press releases and product announcements issued to the engineering media to introduce the product to the American market, DieQua and Spinea will be participating in a joint venture by exhibiting together at the upcoming Automate 2015 show in Chicago. Sponsored by the Association for Advancing Automation, which includes as subgroups the Robotics Industry Association and the Motion Control Association, the event will be held at the McCormick Place Convention Center from March 23-26.

Chris Popp



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