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DieQua Employees Share What They Are Most Thankful For this Season

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

There is always something going on at DieQua Corporation. New products, new partners and new capabilities are always being added to the mix. And this column is one of the primary places we use to keep you informed. Unfortunately we don’t take advantage of the space often enough to share what our people, our most valuable resource, are doing.

It’s different this month. This month you will get a small insight into what some of DieQua’s employees are thinking and what they are thankful for this holiday. I’m sure you have a lot of things you are thankful for. Here are a few of the things we are thankful for.

Chris is thankful that he can spend yet another Thanksgiving with his 89 year old mother.

Mary is thankful for the healthy birth of her new granddaughter last week and that her daughter is recovering nicely.

Donovan is thankful that he gets to spend Thanksgiving with his brother who has been away in the army for the last 4 years.

Beth is thankful for the health and well being of her family, especially her sister who has been battling a dangerous condition.

Jeff G. is thankful that he, his wife and kids get to spend Thanksgiving with her side of the family, who are all traveling into town from various places for the first time in many years.

Rudy is thankful that he has been able to avoid any major health problems as he has gotten older.

Rodney is thankful that he has a stable job when many others that he knows don’t have one.

Doug is thankful that he survived some scary health episodes recently and that he is still alive.

Roberto is thankful for the opportunity to have visited his aging grandfather in Mexico recently and re-connecting with many other relatives he hasn’t seen in almost 10 years.

Jeff W. is thankful that his two happy and healthy daughters will be able to spend another holiday season with both sets of grandparents.

Fred is thankful he was healthy enough to start playing flag football again and that his menagerie of pets are all doing well.

Stef is thankful she found the love of her life this year and will embark on a long, joyous journey with him. And that she got a puppy.

Tom K. is thankful for finding someone to share his life with, his elder son and fiancee' getting married in July and his younger son finding a new job this year.

Terri is thankful for all the little things that make her life interesting and enjoyable and being able to share them with her husband.

Al is thankful that his grandson made it to his third birthday this year after being born a one and a half pound preemie with a number of complications.

Norm was perhaps the most enthusiastic contributor, sharing his thanks to be alive and in good health after a health scare (2) years ago, thankful that his children are becoming educated young adults in good health and attitude, thankful that he lives in a country where he feels safe and has freedoms most in the world do not, thankful for a warm bed and food to eat everyday, thankful for the choices that his parents made long ago which allowed him to live his life and share those experiences with those that touch him each and every day.

While certainly not everyone got a chance to contribute, the leading themes of health and family were the top of mind for most. Not money, not fame, not possessions. In the end it’s not difficult to know what is most important. But sometimes it gets forgotten during the rest of the year. Next year, let’s not wait for the holiday to reflect.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Chris Popp



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