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DieQua Convenes Their Annual National Sales Meeting

By: Chris Popp
Director of Sales and Marketing
DieQua Corporation

The number seven is considered lucky by many. Such was the case last week as DieQua convened the 7th annual meeting of our nationwide sales network at our North American headquarters and factory near Chicago, Illinois. Representatives came from Milwaukee, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston and many other points in between to partake in a variety of networking and educational sessions.

With many of our regional sales organizations expanding there were 7 new attendees, most of which were visiting the mother ship for the first time. More than a dozen veterans also participated in the event making for an eclectic mix of experience, talent and energy.

While new product introductions were definitely on the agenda, this year’s theme revolved around the science and nuances of selecting the appropriate gearbox technology for the wide variety of machine design applications we are involved in every day. With the dizzying array of gearbox solutions we offer, that is no easy task.

The highly anticipated opening night welcome reception kicked off the event. Held at the Eaglewood Resort, this was an opportunity for both the inside and outside staff to renew and solidify relationships forged over the years as well as begin new ones with those attending for the first time. Being one of the only times during the year that many of our salesmen get to see each other, it offered the chance to share experiences and get into a DieQua frame of mind.

Friday morning came early and with it a heavy schedule of updates and technical sessions. After President Mike Quaas made his opening remarks expectations for the meeting were outlined, first on what the representatives wanted to get out of it and then what DieQua expected them to leave with. A brief review of new developments at our manufacturing partners followed.

Then the meat of the schedule began.

Many of our representatives had heard of the great feedback on our recently established DieQua Technical Institute which was developed to train the application engineers employed by our high tech distribution network and OEM customers on how to select the appropriate gearbox technology for specific applications. They wanted to experience it too. So we obliged.

What commenced was an abridged 6 hour tome on the 36 application characteristics we consider for each machine design and a review of the gear technologies we offer that best satisfy each of these characteristics. While several gear technologies seem to work for the most part it was the application nuances that would lead to the optimal solution for the customer’s design requirements. Kudos go to Product Manager Tom Kahn and Application Engineer Roberto Vasquez who presented the majority of the material.

With visions of motion profiles, efficiency considerations and environmental conditions whirling in their heads we mercifully ended the sessions before total overload ensued.

To unwind after such a highly focused day we boarded buses, along with a majority of DieQua’s office and factory personnel, to travel into the city for a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. The weather cooperated allowing a spectacular view of the Chicago skyline, with all eyes glued to the awe-inspiring sunset that served as a backdrop. As the city lights came up lively conversations were interrupted by comments about the beauty of the unique architecture. It was truly a fabulous evening.

Reality reconvened on Saturday morning. Representatives broke up into several groups for a slightly competitive application challenge, testing their retention of the previous day’s information. Several different sample applications were presented with each group having to choose a product line that best satisfied the requirements along with justification of their selection. The group discussions were lively and the solutions presented insightful. It appeared the training had been a fruitful endeavor.

This left just enough time to present the two newest products being launched by DieQua Corporation for the motion control industry. We were extremely excited to present the Spinea high precision reduction gearbox. This is a zero backlash “gearbox” specifically designed for high precision rotary positioning. Spinea is a company from Slovakia that supplies units to the premier robot and machine tool manufacturers throughout Europe as well as many in Asia. We are proud to be selected as their partner to introduce their unique technology to the North American market.

The second product presented was the newest development from our original and longest standing partner, Tandler, from Germany. As an extension of their high quality spiral bevel program they have recently created an extensive hypoid gearhead product line. This extends their right angle single stage reduction capability up to a ratio of 15:1. Suitable for high speed, high cycle servo controlled applications, this fits a niche that few other gear technologies can match.

More technical details and promotional materials for both new product lines will be forthcoming within the next few weeks.

All that remained of the main program was a review of the expectations established at the beginning of the meeting. Once all had been satisfied the gavel came down on yet another successful gathering.

The final optional event was the annual golf outing. Several of the representatives remained to participate, along with a few members of the inside sales staff. While CFO and co-owner Norman Quaas defended his title from last year, all shared in the first prize, which was a beautiful day on the golf course with friends and colleagues.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the yeoman work of Outside Sales Manager Mary Delafeld who was instrumental in the planning, communication and logistics necessary to make the meeting possible. The sales rep scheduling, meeting agenda, hotel accommodations, meals, airport transfers and golf outing were all under her direction. It couldn’t have gone smoother.

And finally, a special thanks to Inside Sales Manager Jeff White and his staff (Tom, Donovan, and Stef) for keeping our customers happy while the rest of the sales organization took time out to prepare themselves to be able to serve you better.



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