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Spiral Bevel Gearbox with Multiple Shafts

Have you ever seen a bevel gearbox with 6 shafts? After touting the capability for over 30 years, DieQua has finally sold their first Tandler spiral bevel gearbox with this unique design. Gearboxes with 3 shafts, 4 shafts and 5 shafts have all been provided countless times. But finding that one application needing a shaft coming out of every side of the box had eluded us, until now.

Not surprisingly, it was one of our many custom machinery design customers who had the need. In this case it was for an assembly machine that synchronized 4 axis, positioned 90 degrees from each other, driven by one motor and included an auxiliary shaft for emergency operation.

Special machinery manufacturers are some of DieQua’s best customers because of the different design requirements they are tasked with. They often come to us when they have special challenges that require special solutions. With our wide range of available gear technologies, we almost always have something to offer. And the experience we gain by meeting their challenges are a great benefit to every other customer that comes our way.

While the majority of our business is for standard catalog items a significant portion is for designs with customized solutions or include one or more of the extensive list of options we have available. That is a particular strength of ours and our product lines are well situated to meet customer’s special needs.

This particular gearbox, designated as the DA series, is one of the more extreme capabilities we offer. It is a premium quality spiral bevel gearbox with low backlash, which was critical in this application. But it was the multi-output configuration that made the desired machine operation possible.

It should be noted that there is a key limitation when selecting a spiral bevel gearbox with shafts exiting in different planes. Because of the opposing spiral cuts, it is necessary that one internal gear be larger, with all other gears being driven by it. Therefore a 1:1 ratio is not possible. However, 1:1.25, 1:1.5 and 1:2 drive side to driven side ratios allow for minimal speed differences.

Assembly is another challenge. To achieve low backlash, consistent, high quality gears are required to start. Then precise component machining and hand fitting is necessary to assure proper tooth mesh between the 5 gears. Less fitting difficulties result when the number of internal gears is reduced, as is found in more standard configurations.

This design is just one of the unique products that DieQua has available. We invite you to investigate our complete family of spiral bevel solutions along with the other power transmission speed reducers and motion control gearheads we have in our lineup.

Tandler GmbH, family owned and based in Bremen Germany, is DieQua’s longest standing manufacturing partner, with a relationship spanning over 30 years. They are world renown as the innovative leader in precision spiral bevel gearbox design and manufacturing.



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