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DieQua's Second Technical Institute Held

Selecting a servo gearbox for the myriad of motion control applications is easy for some suppliers. That’s because their product offering, which usually revolves around planetary or planetary bevel gearboxes, is so narrow. For many applications those technologies work well. But for just as many, they aren’t the optimal or even the most cost effective solution.

That fact is what differentiates DieQua from so many other servo gearbox manufacturers. With a variety of gearing technologies available, all with specific advantages for specific types of applications, DieQua has a product that can achieve the optimal performance or budget goals that others can’t.

Selecting the appropriate gearbox type, however, becomes more difficult when there are so many to choose from. Understanding the advantages of each while knowing how and where to apply them requires a level of education and experience. For DieQua’s high tech distributors, this is an ongoing process.

Virtually all of our motion control products distributors have years of experience in providing automation solutions. Many, however, are looking to provide more customized mechatronic solutions, adding mechanical components to the systems beyond the default planetary gearbox that so many sizing software programs spit out.

That is one of the reasons they gravitate towards working with us. We think like them, that the result is not formulaic. Every application has a unique solution. Getting them to think like us is a little more problematic. Mechanics is not usually their strong suit.

To further enlighten and educate our distributors on the vast array of potential solutions, DieQua established the DieQua Technical Institute, or DTI. The inaugural training session was held earlier this year with participation by 4 distribution organizations. The second class was recently convened from May 20th to the 22nd and included staff from two additional organizations.

This is an intense two day training seminar, targeted at the distributor’s technical support staff. Its designed to get them started on understanding the characteristics of an application and then determine the proper gear type that will be best for it. It helps to establishes a product champion within the distributors facility to support field sales.

The training includes first a review of the 35 application characteristics we consider, from motion profiles to gear configurations to ambient conditions. Stage two is a review of the various gear technologies, their performance characteristics, benefits, options and customization capabilities.

Stage three is putting that knowledge to work reviewing applications and examples of the analysis we go through. The final phase is testing to see how the attendees have absorbed the information and understand how to identify and create their own solutions. Then diplomas are presented.

There is no illusion that two days of training will arm the participants with everything they need. The process is a journey with each opportunity a learning experience. And we’ll be there helping them along the way.

Feedback on the second iteration was similar to the first. There was amazement at the vast numbers of solutions now available to their customers. The second was that there are a lot of aspects of an application that need closer consideration to be sure the proper solution is selected.

The third seminar of the year is scheduled later this year, October 7-9, 2014. If you are a high tech distributor interested in the seminar contact our Tom Kahn at 630-980-1133. And if there are OEMs interested in going through the training, we’d be happy to establish a modified version. Just contact us and let us know you’d like to be a part of it.



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