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DieQua Attends Spring AHTD Meeting

The Kentucky Derby, Colonel Sanders and the majority of Bourbon whiskey distillers have all called Louisville Kentucky home. The Association of High Technology Distribution, or AHTD, also staked their claim for a few days. From April 9-12 over 250 distributors and manufacturers held court at the downtown Seebach Hilton Hotel. Among those were DieQua’s Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Popp and Motion Products Manager Tom Kahn.

The Kentucky Derby's Churchill Downs

For more than 25 years, the Association for High Technology Distribution has worked to increase the productivity and profitability of the Automation Solutions Providers, Distributors and Manufacturers who satisfy the automation needs of general industry and OEM manufacturers. Today, through a wide spectrum of association programs, services and networking events, AHTD is the primary resource for all member companies to achieve their common goals.

What are some of those goals, at least as far as attending the association meeting? For the distributors it’s networking with other organizations like theirs to share stories to learn what’s working in other parts of the country. For the manufacturers it’s to meet the distributors who either distribute their products or whom they would like to distribute their products. For all, it’s to listen to some insightful experts and inspiring speakers, all with the intention to improve operations and professionalism.

Chris Popp with Keynote Speaker, Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs

All these conversations, activities, and educational experiences serve to improve the service provided to the OEMs and users of automation systems. When your distributor is dedicated to improving their organization, you benefit with better prices, better deliveries and better solutions.

DieQua’s contribution to the proceedings was the presentation of their wide range of servo gearhead solutions. While there were other gearhead manufacturers attending, they were touting their traditional planetary designs.

While also offering them, the real message DieQua was focused on conveying is that planetary technology is not always the best solution for motion applications and is often a less effective and a higher cost option. When distributors work exclusively with the market leading planetary gearhead suppliers they offer a very limited product selection that isn’t necessarily in the best interest of their customers.

This was most evident at the highly anticipated Product Showcase, a relatively brief tabletop exhibition, held one evening during the conference, where the distributors can view the latest motion control technology. DieQua presented an extensive array of gearing technologies, all with outstanding benefits for specific requirements. Both economical and high precision options were displayed.

DieQua's Product Showcase Presentation
An inquiring distributor with Motion Products Manager, Tom Kahn

DieQua’s real strength, right angle solutions, was highlighted en masse. Planetary bevel, spiral bevel, helical bevel, helical worm, economy worm and precision worm designs are all available to satisfy the technical or commercial needs of a customer’s application. The focused characteristics of these varied technologies assure the optimal solution can be provided.

Both precision and economical inline planetary designs were also shown because, after all, they are still the most popular gearheads used on servo motors. However, even these designs offer unique benefits over the majority of similar products available from competitors.

Two brand new product lines to join the family, of which samples arrived just prior to the meeting, include a cycloidal motion mechanical drive with zero backlash. Highly prized for robotic and precise rotary motion applications, this new addition promises to be a sought after solution. The second is a low backlash hypoid design, with single stage ratios up to 15:1, for highly dynamic applications.

The response from distributors and other automation service providers, during the Showcase as well as throughout the networking sessions, was extremely positive. Many realized they had not been considering better alternatives and just settling with the status quo. This wasn’t surprising since most have more expertise on the controls side.

As DieQua continues to tell their story the market continues to better understand that there are a lot of different gear technologies, one or another of which will be best for their needs. As of right now, only one company offers them the most options from which to choose.



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