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Tandler To Launch New Products

As they do at least once every year, DieQua President Mike Quaas and Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Popp recently made a pilgrimage to the European continent to visit several of their manufacturing partners. The visit to Tandler, in North Germany, was especially productive as an introduction to some new product developments was forth coming.

Tandler has been DieQua’s longest standing partner. Tandler’s precision spiral bevel gearboxes and shaft phasing gearboxes helped launch DieQua’s power transmission division in the Summer of1983. Since then they developed a precision planetary and planetary/bevel product line for servo applications that they have been successfully offering for several years. Over the last few years they’ve engaged in a new wave of development.

Regarding one of the recently designed new products, the HL series of spiral bevel gearbox continues to expand its usage in the precision/higher torque arena. Available in Europe for the last year or so and now coming to North America, the HL series is still a low backlash gearbox but has different benefits than the Standard series of Tandler bevel gearboxes.

While possessing higher torque capacities within similar frame sizes as the Standard series, the HL prefers lower rotational speeds and isn’t offered with the range of options and customization possibilities. While more expensive in similar frame sizes, the extra power capacity actually can provide better value.

Another product in final development is a line of precision spiral bevel gearboxes in stainless steel. 4 sizes in ratios 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 will eventually be available with single or dual output shafts along with 2 versions of hollow output bores.

All housings, end caps and shafts will be produced out of a corrosive resistant stainless steel and the lubrication will consist of a food grade oil or liquid grease, depending on the gearbox speed required.

These gearboxes will be most appropriate for higher performance requirements and therefore will be at a higher cost than standard industrial gearing. But if low backlash or precise motion is necessary in your wash down application, these will be the boxes of choice.

For motion control applications, Tandler will soon be releasing 2 new product groups. The first is the “P” series of planetary servo gear heads. Considered a mid grade design with backlash values in the 5 arc minute range, 4 sizes will be offered in single and double reduction.

The P series design has a larger body than other planetary gearheads with similar mounting dimensions. This allows the integration of larger gears that can transmit more torque than competitive models. This can provide considerable cost savings when the “other guy” has to specify a larger unit to meet the need.

The second motion product that is rapidly taking shape is Tandler’s new Hypoid gear head design. A hypoid gear has an offset pinion that gives it the characteristics of both spiral bevel and worm gearing. Its main benefit is that it provides high strength in a small space and good efficiency in single stage ratios up to 15:1.

The Hypoid program will consist of 5 sizes with torque capacities from 30 Nm to 350 Nm. There will be several output connectivity options including single and dual output shafts, hollow bores with keyway or shrink disk, along with an ISO rotary flange output. The servo motor input interface will include the ServoFoxx flexible coupling element that eliminates motor misalignment and maximizes gearbox performance.

While pre-selection and supply of the Hypoid design is taking place now for specific applications the complete program is expected to be rolled out by mid summer.

While most of these products are presently available on a project basis, support materials and catalog data will start appearing in more earnest over the next few months. Keep an eye on the Product Focus column of this newsletter for further updates.



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