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DieQua Holds First Training Program For Their Authorized Distributors

On Wednesday and Thursday, January 15 and 16, 2014, application engineers from 4 different distributors of high tech motion products convened at DieQua Corporation’s national headquarters. They were there to take part in the first DieQua Technical Institute, an intensive training program for selecting servo gearheads.

In the motion control arena most OEMs and users purchase their control packages, depending on their internal design capabilities, from system integrators or high tech distributors. It is often advantageous to get either the components or the entire system from a single source. In this way the programming, controls, servo motor and gearbox can be matched for optimum performance.

Traditionally, when considering the mechanical portion of the drive system, a planetary reducer has been specified It's a relatively easy selection if not always the best one.

Unfortunately that can be a big problem for some machinery designs. With elements of automation being integrated into more processes, there are other gear reducer technologies that are better suited for the performance requirements of individual machines. Just putting a planetary on it rarely maximizes the value of the solution.

As DieQua began working with more and more high tech distributors and integrators of motion products a need developed for more in-depth technical training of their channel partner’s application engineering staff. These are the people solving problems and making selections as they support their field reps. Helping them determine how to sort through the variety of gearhead solutions available and where they are best used was a growing request.

The result was the concept of a DieQua Technical Institute. This was to be a day and a half program identifying the application characteristics that should be considered when selecting the mechanical portion of the drive package and which gearheads were most appropriate to satisfy these characteristics.

The inaugural session was attended by David Cloetingh of BCS Motion, Exton PA, Kevin Gilbert of All Control, Elgin IL, Pierre de Giorgio and Jed Hampton of Bluebay Automation, Nashville TN, along with Mark Mosher and Dustin Meyer of Triad Technologies, Vandalia OH. The group was purposely kept small to foster interaction and the attendees well known in hopes of honest feedback on the new program.

The primary trainers from DieQua were Tom Kahn, Motion Products Manager and Roberto Vasquez, Application Engineer. Director of Sales and Marketing, Chris Popp, who also heads the technical support group, provided additional input where appropriate.

The training was broken down into three main sections. The first was to identify the characteristics of an application that affect gearbox selection. Many of these characteristics were well know by the attendees as they are similar to those necessary to select servo motors, such as motion profiles and duty cycles. How these affect different gearbox technologies is a significant consideration. Performance requirements, mounting and environmental concerns were just a few more of the 35 application characteristics covered.

The second main section was a product review focused on the technical attributes of the various product lines, catalog navigation to find performance specs and, most importantly, how the attributes of each product best matches with the application characteristics required.

The third main section started the second day. A quick review of the first day’s information led into a series of application examples. This was where the DieQua consultative thought process, line of questioning, requirement analysis and product comparisons all came together to select the optimal gear technology for each application.

While almost anything done a first time suffers from glitches and highlights areas needing improvement, the feedback from the participants was exceptional. The need for deeper application analysis to arrive at the best solution was an eye opener for them. Their knowledge of the product options sky rocketed along with a better understanding of the technical differences that make a difference.

But most importantly, they began to realize the real advantage of considering different gear technologies to provide added value to the solutions they offer their customers.

The second iteration of the DieQua Technical Institute is projected for May or June, to include a new cast of distributors and a tighter program to enhance the learning process already begun.



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