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Zimm produces new video highlighting their modular screw jack system

Zimm , DieQua’s screw jack manufacturing partner based in Austria, recently produced a new animated video that shows the assembly of a complete system for lifting some high end loads. At a minute and thirty, it’s a quick presentation on some the their options and the ease with which they go together.

Zimm is perhaps the most innovative screw jack manufacturer in the world. The cutting edge design, integrated performance features, extensive selection of system components and the philosophy of offering a complete solution from a single source makes them unique among screw jack suppliers.

Offering both acme screws and ball screws from 1/2 ton to 100 tons, a wide range applications can be satisfied. Two basic configurations are available. The series S standing version has a spindle that traverses through the jack body. This requires an equal amount of space above and below the jack body.

The series R rotating version has a rotating spindle that drives a nut up and down its length. This model can reduce the overall envelope dimension the screw jack needs but the screw usually must pass through the load and be supported at the top.

Screw jack systems can be somewhat complex to specify as each application has its own cycle, lift speed and load requirements. It’s best to contact DieQua to discuss your requirements. We are available to offer design advice, system configuration and to provide a complete system drawing.

This will assure performance and operational elements are considered and it will save time integrating the screw jack system into the larger machine design.



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