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Dynabox Component Inventory Expands

With the consistent growth in demand for the Dynabox servo worm gearhead, DieQua has expanded and reorganized their inventory of components to keep up with customer delivery requirements. With the wide variety of options available in the product line, that is no easy task. However, small quantities of the most popular models can now be shipped within a few days.

The Dynabox Servo worm gearbox is an outstanding alternative when a right angle gearhead is required in a servo motor controlled machine. It has several benefits over other right angle gear technologies as well as some limitations. That is one of the reasons DieQua offers so many different right angle solutions. There is a best one for every application.

Of prime versatility is the three backlash levels the gearbox is available in. With standard backlash of 10 arc minutes, a medium range of below 5 arc minutes, and our Expert model at less than 1 arc minute, there is a precision level for most high performance requirements.

Another element of the product’s versatility is the multiple output options available on the Dynabox. The most popular is the shrink disk which gives a zero backlash connection to the driven shaft. Single and dual output shafts along with a hollow bore and keyway offer traditional solutions. Something called a robot flange output offers a unique connection for things like rotary tables or lever arms.

Another big advantage is the saving of aisle space. With ratios of 5:1 to 90:1 in a single stage, and higher ratios in 2 stage, these are the most compact right angle boxes available.

Worm boxes are extremely quiet as well. So they are great for medical equipment or other noise sensitive applications.

The one knock on worm technology is its lower efficiency than other technologies. These aren’t really that much lower. But that efficiency issue turns into a positive when the need for a non-backdrivable gearbox is required. This is where they shine.

If you haven’t investigated how the Dynabox can enhance your machine design give us a call or check out the spec page. I think you’ll find some interesting solutions you may not have considered before.



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