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Tandler Hosts 2013 International Sales Meeting

Since 1986 the company Tandler GMBH of Bremen Germany has held an international sales meeting every other year. That is with the exception of 2012. The typical autumn edition was postponed until February 22-25 of 2013 to take advantage of a local cultural event called the Bremer Kohl und Pinkel Tour.

Tandler, a manufacturer of high precision and customizable spiral bevel gearboxes, planetary servo gearheads, shaft phaseable gearboxes and short run custom gears, has been Diequa’s longest continuous partner. In fact, their products helped launch our power transmission components division back in 1983.

Tandler has always been very proud of their North German traditions and has tried to tie their meeting to local festivals to give the agents traveling from around the world a small taste of what makes Bremen special.

In this case, the Kohl and Pinkel Tour consisted of a 3 hour hike over hill and dale and through the city, stopping periodically to partake in “energy” drinks to ward off the chill from the inclement weather. The final destination was a big banquet hall where other groups also gathered for special cuisine, German beverages and dancing.

That was the fun part of the weekend event. Actual business took place starting on Sunday afternoon as 30+ representatives from as far away as China and Japan from the East and the US and Brazil from the West gathered to begin discussing the challenges of the past and new developments of the future.

While most businesses were clearly doing better than the doldrum days of 2009 and 2010, many were not emerging from the morass with as much gusto as other areas of the world. Those country representatives, especially some of the Europeans, not embracing the growing trend towards more automation solutions were not seeing as much success in new customer acquisition.

The application sharing session that is always a part of the meeting highlighted the strengths of Tandler. This is where agents share new successes so their colleagues can garner new ideas. The majority of the solutions presented were either motion control based or were customized designs for unique requirements.

With plans to push deeper into the motion control arena Tandler introduced their most recent new product development, that being a hypoid servo gearhead. Similar in concept to spiral bevel gearing, but with an offset input, the hypoid design has several advantages. The two main benefits would be more torque in a similar package size and the availability of higher ratios, up to 15:1, in a single stage. Four sizes are planned for a summer 2013 launch with the possibility of a two stage planetary hypoid sometime within the next year.

There were two additional product developments discussed. The first was actually a product expansion as a smaller OO size was added to the series HL high capacity line. This line previously consisted of 3 sizes with torque capacity of up to 1200 Nm.

The HL series is a premium quality design but is more for power transmission applications rather than the precise motion control the standard line is more appropriate for.

The other development was the creation of a precision stainless steel spiral bevel gearbox. Offered before as only a special design, two sizes with three ratios will be produced as a standard product available with short delivery times. These will still be pricier than other industrial grade products available in the market. But they are unmatched where precision has to meet environmental protection.

The end of day 2 always finishes with a tour of the Tandler factory. New machinery with new technologies dominated the production floor as the drive for higher quality and higher throughput continued to be a strategic focus. Technology for premium quality gear production, the heart of the Tandler gearbox, remains at the forefront of capital equipment investment.

The end of the Tandler International meeting is often a sad moment. Many of the close relationships made with colleagues from around the world are put on hold for the better part of two years. But during those 3 days old timers and new additions alike become part of the Tandler family. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we argue. But in the end we all agree we wouldn’t rather be any other place.



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