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Don't Be Chicken, Meat Me In Atlanta

Ok, the jokes are bad but the environment at the recent IPPE Expo in Atlanta was anything but. Held January 29-31 at the Georgia World Congress Center, the International Production and Processing Expo was a hotbed of activity.

For 2013 the International Poultry Expo (IPE), the International Feed Expo (IFE) and the International Meat Expo (IME) joined forces to provide food processors a mega show of processing equipment and services under a single umbrella name.

“Poultry” encompassed chickens and eggs storage, transport and processing. “Feed” included all things feed and grain, while “Meat” covered beef, pork and other 4 hoofed contributors. All segments of these industries participated.

This year’s version set a new combined attendance record of 26,000+ attendees, placing it in the top 50 largest trade shows. It utilized 430,000 square feet of exhibit space to show all the wares.

There are a lot of gearboxes used in the processing and transport of meat and feed. And they come in many different configurations, quality levels and protection. Examples of the types of machines exhibited include egg conveyors, chicken processors, meat grinders, refrigeration units and a variety of other auxiliary equipment.

DieQua’s manufacturing partner for lighter duty industrial gearboxes and reducers, Varvel SpA from near Bologna Italy, is a major player in this industry. DieQua’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Chris Popp, traveled from Chicago to Atlanta to meet Varvel International Sales Manager Fabiana Turrini and European area Manager Francesco Pederzoli. The 3 compadres manned a booth exhibiting the company’s gearboxes and speed reducers.

While Varvel supplies to a lot of international conveyor manufacturers probably their biggest contribution is to the driving of feed conveyors.

Feed conveyors are typically a screw mechanism inside a tube that pushes feed along the length, depositing measured amounts through holes in the bottom of the tube. This maintains chicken coop food supplies in receptacles throughout the pen or cage or other confined areas. Large grain conveyors work in a similar manner.

The primary drive for this type of system is a single stage helical reducer with specialized output shaft for pin connecting the driven screw. It can accommodate IEC or NEMA motors, has a pressure die cast aluminum body for moisture protection and an elastic insert coupling connection to eliminate the possibility of fretting corrosion between the gearbox and motor.

There was other European equipment manufacturers exhibiting with other Varvel gearbox technologies incorporated into their designs. These gear types included the worm reducers and 2 stage helical gearboxes that we have highlighted in previous editions of DieQua News.

Up to now the agricultural and meat processing support industries have been a relatively small segment for Diequa Corporation. It has always been a Varvel strength in Europe. With new product developments, new catalog materials and new promotional initiatives, this is sure to be a promising growth area for North American gearbox sales.

If you are looking for new solutions for agricultural conveyor drive products give DieQua a call. We have a variety of new and cost effective solutions that are sure to improve your efficiency and productivity.



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