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New Ideas In Store For 2013

One of the things that makes DieQua special is the wide range of gearboxes and other drive components they offer to satisfy the needs of a variety of different machine design applications. That is made possible through the addition of new manufacturing partners and the continual product development within those companies.

The new year brings with it plans to expand our product offering and to increase the local production and assembly of some existing products to make them more cost effective and to reduce leadtimes.

Our newest partner, Varvel, has two additional product lines that will be added to the DieQua docket. Presently we are stocking and promoting their updated line of worm speed reducers with the integral input coupling for better motor connection and gearbox performance. The benefits of this connection can be found on the worm technical spec page.

The first, The RD series of inline helical speed reducers, has already been available for import for a couple of years. Plans to establish a stocking warehouse and assembly center in the Chicago area are under way.

The aluminum body design is available in torque capacities of between 25 and 400 Nm and is a cost effective alternative to cast iron housing designs even though it can transmit similar torque. More information on this can be seen on this Varvel web page.

Perhaps even more unique is the Varvel series of parallel and right angle helical bevel gearboxes designated as series RN, RO and RV. This is an extremely modular design that uses a common output stage married to three distinct input stages to achieve different gearbox configurations.

This is also an aluminum body reducer that can provide excellent torque density in a very light package. Plans for stocking and assembly in the DieQua factory are also slated for 2013. More information on this series can be seen on the Varvel web page.

Both the RD and RN/RO/RV product groups also include the new integrated input coupling that accommodates motor misalignment, eliminates shaft fretting corrosion and allows easy conversion between NEMA and IEC motors.

Another product line destined for the assembly lines at DieQua Corporation is the Zimm line of screw jacks. Zimm has been a long successful offering due to its high quality, extensive option list and its focus on providing complete lifting and positioning systems with all the drive and connecting components included.

Machine screw jack capacities are available from 1/2 ton to 100 ton in both traversing screw and traveling nut versions. A ball screw program is also available on a more limited basis.

To provide the Zimm screw jacks even more cost effectively and to have quicker delivery times DieQua will be establishing a screw processing and jack assembly facility within their existing factory. The required machinery and tooling is already being sourced and inventory levels are steadily being increased to support the expected uptick in business.

These are just a few of the new developments DieQua has planned for 2013 and beyond. It is DieQua’s desire to be your one stop shop for all your gearbox and drive component needs. Give us a call with your next design challenge. Our years of experience may generate a new idea you haven’t thought of before.



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