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DieQua Creates Corporate Capability Video

Many of our customers know of us for one product or another but few know our full capabilities or focus. A video was recently produced to highlight our range of products and consultative approach. While it can’t possibly cover the full menu of products and services offered it does serve as a good overview of our corporate identity.

DieQua first and foremost is a solution provider for power transmission and motion control applications requiring gearboxes, gearmotors or gearheads. With close to 30 years experience specifying these products for most industries requiring rotary motion, DieQua understands how to identify application requirements and then specify the appropriate product.

Having the appropriate product is another unique characteristic of DieQua Corporation. They have aligned themselves through exclusive agreements with several world class European manufactures of different types of gear products. Some of these relationships include joint ventures, others licensing agreements, while some are strictly sales partnerships. All provide top quality designs within their product niche and offer customization capabilities that DieQua is famous for offering.

It’s this wide range of product offering that allows DieQua to offer the optimal solution for a given application rather than just try to make a given product work. Often there are several options that may be possible with the specific nuances of the application swaying the decision toward one technology or another. This is something that most competitive manufactures just can’t provide with their more limited range.

DieQua strives to be an extension of their customer’s engineering team, offering design and gearbox integration advice. They are experts in both power transmission and motion control applications and can provide guidance in product selection.

Contact DieQua Corporation with your next application challenge. We may come up with a unique suggestion you haven’t thought of before.



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