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DieQua Joins the Association For High Tech Distribution

In September of 2012, after considering the move for several years, DieQua finally joined the Association For High Tech Distribution (AHTD) as a Manufacturer member. With the AHTD Fall meeting scheduled for October and a new motion products promotion initiative being launched at the DieQua’s National Sales Meeting, it seemed the perfect time for them to act.

The percentage of DieQua sales that motion control gear products have been capturing has grown steadily for several years. With the OEM market demanding more products of this type, with offering more unique solutions not available from other sources, and by finding ways to hybridize more traditional power transmission products for motion applications, it made sense for Diequa to spend more time and resources in the motion arena.

A major step in that direction was joining the AHTD. Founded in 1985, AHTD provides tools, training, and unparalleled networking opportunities that help members in the high technology distribution industry innovate, collaborate and achieve their business goals faster. Members include not only the various distributors and integrators themselves but also the manufacturers of systems and components that the distributors specify and sell.

There is actually a critical difference between this sales model and many others. With the advanced technological knowledge necessary to achieve complex motion profiles and the synergistic requirements of all the system components to achieve them, getting everything from a single source has distinct advantages.

Action to maximize the new membership was taken in October as Tom Kahn, DieQua’s Motion Products Manager, made the trek to Quebec Canada for the second of two annual meetings the AHTD hosts every year. Like most professional associations the meeting offered outstanding networking opportunities, new product showcases and several educations seminars.

After procuring the attendee list, Tom had set up several appointments beforehand and met many more partner prospects while at the event. It was an excellent kick start for DieQua’s latest initiative to develop more motion component distribution partnerships.

There are several characteristics that make Diequa attractive to High Tech Distributors. Since most already have several gearbox lines they represent, why would yet another be of value? The first reason would be to have access to unique solutions not available from their existing sources. DieQua has a distinct advantage in right angle products, specifically in worm and helical bevel technology.

The second reason would be to get access to hybridized PT products. Many basic motion applications don’t need gearboxes with the highest precision. With DieQua’s range of standard products, modified to work with servo and stepper motors, low cost options are now available that distributors don’t normally have.

A third reason is that along with this wide range of mechanical products, DieQua has the experience and expertise to select which technology is best for each application. Having all the different products and a single mechanical expert to rely on is a competitive advantage difficult to pass up.

DieQua Corporation looks forward to being a long standing and contributing member to the Association for High Tech Distribution.



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