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Varvel Top Brass Visits DieQua

DieQua was recently pleased to welcome Varvel President Francesco Berselli and International Sales Manager, Fabiana Turrini, as they visited our headquarters from October 15-17. Varvel is one of several DieQua manufacturing partners supplying world class gear products.

Varvel has been based near Bologna Italy since 1955. Their name derives from their original product line, variable velocity (var-vel) gearboxes, or mechanical variators as they are sometimes known. More recently they produce a much wider range of gearbox designs including worm reducers, inline and right angle multi stage helical gearboxes for industrial applications, single stage helical speed reducers for the agricultural market, and precision planetary gearheads for the motion control industry.

There were three main topics of conversation during the day and a half meeting. The first was solidifying plans for further penetration of the worm product line into the power transmission market. The second was developing support materials for integrating the various product designs into servo motor controlled applications. The third was to establish a timeline for introducing Varvel’s inline and right angle helical gearbox program.

Varvel’s worm reducer design is really unique in that it incorporates a flexible coupling input design that enhances performance and design versatility while eliminating many of the negative elements worm reducers are known for. The top 10 benefits of the coupling design can be found on DieQua’s website.

The worm program comes in square body and round body designs with center distances from 28-110 mm. Helical worm and double worm reduction is also available in both inch and metric dimensions.

Because of the use of a flexible element within the worm design these reducers offer the capability to be used with servo motors, many of which have strange shaft sizes and motor interface dimensions. Typical worm reducers can’t easily accommodate these motors. With many applications requiring only simple motion profiles, worm reducers adequately provide torque multiplication and inertia reduction at an affordable cost.

This is no more relevant than with small servo and stepper motors found in many assembly and conveyor systems. A targeted program for NEMA 23 and 34 steppers and servos (PDF - 580KB), along with the comparable metric dimensions, will be a starting point for a larger motion control initiative. The market for small, cost effective right angle solutions is underserved at the moment. Establishing a stronger motion products distributor channel is another key element to growing this important segment.

The third topic of discussion was the introduction of Varvel’s aluminum body helical gearbox program. A natural extension of our already existing Watt Drive cast iron product line, Varvel’s offering provides lighter duty solutions in some smaller sizes. This really extends DieQua’s capabilities to provide a wider range of power transmission products from a single source.

With inline helical and right angle helical bevel designs both incorporating the input coupling concept and designed in a modular building block system with shared components, establishing a stock position covering both PT and Motion needs requires a relatively small investment. Discussions on creating assembly centers to provide quick delivery progressed with plans for product introduction later in 2013.

Varvel has been one of DieQua’s fastest growing partner company product lines, reaching initial revenue targets in a shorter time period than any other line. The future looks bright for that trend to continue.



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