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DieQua Launches New Stepper and Small Servo Motor Gearhead

Steppers and small servo motors still need gearheads to provide the mechanical advantage to do their intended jobs. Right angle solutions are often preferred but up to now they have been a pricey alternative, especially for applications requiring basic motion profiles where extreme precision isn't required. DieQua has a new solution for that.

Taken from our standard program of industrial worm boxes, DieQua is developing a complete right angle gearhead solution for NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 frame stepper and servo motors. These will be offered in either shaft mount or shafted versions, available in either metric or inch series dimensions.

Ratios of 7:1 to 100:1 will be possible in a single stage with higher 2 stage ratios designed as either double worms or helical worms.

Traditional worm speed reducers aren't typically appropriate for use with steppers and servos as their inputs are usually of a quill design with standard AC motor adapters. The quill input with keyway generates additional backlash along with the potential for key wear in cyclic or reversing applications. They also can't accommodate smooth motor shafts or those with flats. And the non-standard shaft sizes can be problematic.

The Varvel worm reducer from DieQua has none of these issues due to their unique input coupling design. An integrated elastomer jaw coupling, with a split collar compression mounting hub, transmits backlash free rotary motion from the motor while compensating for any motor misalignment, eliminating axial and radial forces on the motor bearings. This adds life and improved performance to both the motor and reducer.

The Varvel worm program can be adapted to larger servo motors, however, the initial initiative will center around three gearhead sizes. These include models with center distances of 28mm, 40mm and 50mm.

While dedicated catalogs and marketing materials are still in development for this product offering, NEMA 23 and 34 right angle gearheads have already been supplied to a variety of motion control integrators and OEM machine builders. It was the increasing interest and growing demand for this cost effective solution that was the impetus to develop a more complete and focused program.

For more information about the Varvel right angle gearhead solution contact Diequa Corporation at 630-980-1133. To see many of the other design benefits of the Varvel worm speed reducer please visit the standard product page on our website.



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