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DieQua Visits Zimm Austria

Earlier this month, DieQua sent a contingent of 4 people to Austria, headed by President Mike Quaas, to visit our partner company Zimm to check out new screw jack product and process developments. The Zimm screw jack is perhaps the most advanced design in the world. Several unique features and options not available from other suppliers provide unmatched design versatility and dynamic performance.

Also included in the DieQua group were Production Manager Don Corcoran, Sales Engineer Roberto Vasquez and CAD Technician Chris Dabek.

The mission had a two fold goal. The first was to be introduced to and trained on a new beta program for selecting screw jacks and screw jack system components. The second was to review production and assembly procedures to investigate the viability of establishing an assembly facility within the DieQua factory in Chicago.

Screw jack and screw jack system selection and specification, while similar to other linear motion products, is quite different than other mechanical drive components. Each application is completely unique with its own loads, lift rates, lift distances, duty cycles, system configurations and safety factor, all of which drastically affect selection.

A common misconception is that a screw jack’s rating is what it can lift. For example, a 1 ton jack is good to lift 1 ton. In actuality this is the static rating. As soon as a jack begins to move it should be de-rated. By how much is determined by the dynamic characteristic of the application.

The new program that Zimm is putting the final touches on takes into consideration these dynamic characteristics, streamlining the mathematical calculations necessary to determine proper size and dimensions. This will dramatically reduce the time required to find a solution.

Along with product selection this program will output a data sheet highlighting specifications and allow a 2D or 3D drawing to be created from the results.

While final testing is ongoing the program release is planned for the end of the year. Initially it will only be available to Zimm partner companies for use by their application engineers. Public release is planned for a later date.

Along with quicker selections, quicker delivery is also a critical goal for DieQua. To that end investigations to establish an assembly facility in North America is under way. Because of some of the lengths involved, machining screws and assembling screw jacks is not an easy task. Proper machines and fixtures have to be procured to efficiently achieve the intended results. Discussions with Zimm took place to develop an action plan for a cooperative effort to provide the necessary technology.

Upon his return, Mr Quaas had some glowing remarks concerning DieQua’s close relationship with Zimm. “It is a real pleasure to work with such a forward thinking company. The amount of innovation Zimm has brought to a relatively mature product is simply amazing.”

See DieQua’s website for more information on the Zimm screw jack system.



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