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DieQua Unveils New Sales Offices

21 years is a pretty long time. It seemed even longer to those staffers that had been in their cubes the entire period, or significant portions of it, as they started loading boxes in preparation for a major office re-hab. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate when you are in the same space for so long.

In 1991 founder Dietmar Quaas took the plunge and built a 40,000 square foot office, warehouse and manufacturing facility with the idea of operating in one half and renting out the rest. Diequa had been bursting at the seams of a 5,500 square foot leased space and needed more room for expansion. Those plans were slightly derailed as we took over the entire facility shortly after moving in.

Offices for the expanding sales and support department occupied about 2,500 square feet of the new facility and consisted of modular cubes that are typical of so many other corporate facilities. It was efficient use of floor space and looked good to start. But 21 years of traffic had the carpeting looking worn while the style became dated.

The way we worked had also changed as our consultative approach with the growing customer base required more collaborative efforts within our staff. As we added additional front end personnel they needed to work closely with technical support to provide the solutions we are known for. The old cubes no longer functioned well as the information didn’t flow as freely as necessary.

Open office layouts are not unique but it was a departure from what we had become used to. With the majority of our European partners embracing that configuration and operating more efficiently we felt it was time to make the change. The modern euro styling had always been appealing and would connect us to some of our roots. So that is the direction we chose, adding another 500 square feet in the process.

The transition proved to be interesting. To bridge the time gap we had to set up temporary operations in our training room. For four weeks we tested the bounds of our personal space as we sat row after row with our files in boxes at our feet and our co-workers within kicking distance. But it turned out to be a good time and a bonding experience as camaraderie among the troops blossomed in the open space.

Monday the 14th of May was the first full day of operation in our new offices. While the new layouts are taking some getting used to, the increased brightness of the space is immediately obvious and the interaction amongst personnel has been lively.

Only time will tell the overall effect of the design change. But the new, fresh and clean look has injected a jolt of energy, enabled a more collaborative environment and spurred anticipation of more positive changes to come at Diequa Corporation.



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