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DieQua Achieves Record Gearbox Sales in 2011

2011 was a good year. At least it was good for gearbox sales. DieQua achieved a new revenue record with overall sales up almost 25% from the previous high. While a couple legacy product lines grew only incrementally over recent levels, more recent product introductions improved substantially to drive growth.

Consistent with the trend towards more automated machinery, the Motion Products Group experienced the largest overall growth. However, new products in the Power Transmission Group added to traditional product sales increases to drive growth in that area as well.

The highest percentage of growth was seen in the Varvel industial worm speed reducer line. That was relatively easy as it had only been launched in early 2010. More significantly, it had the highest first full year sales of any product ever introduced by DieQua Corporation.

The highest dollar increase came from within the Watt line, specifically the new hybrid gear reducers with adapters for servo motors. These are extremely cost effective solutions for motion applications requiring higher torque and those that benefit from having the gearheads shaft mounted.

Another product with similar benefits that doubled in sales is the Dynabox series of servo worms. The Expert version with 1 arc minute of backlash was especially popular for machine tools, rotary tables, and other positioning requirements that are well suited for a gearhead with a right angle configuration.

Other products reaching new highs were the Watt industrial gearmotors and reducers, Zimm screw jacks, and shaft coupling products. The Tandler spiral bevel gear line, the longest selling product line in the DieQua portfolio, again rose to pre-recession levels although it did not reach its highest revenue level in history.

Along with new products and a good manufacturing environment, a significant contributor to sales growth was the expanding network of sales agents and distribution partners that promote the DieQua offering throughout North America. With many of these relationships relatively new, future market penetration and localized support is sure to continue DieQua's growth trend.



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