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High Torque Servo Gearhead Catalog Published

DieQua Corporation recently published a new engineering catalog for their High Torque series of servo gearheads. With capacities from 100 Nm to 14,000 Nm these gearheads provide highly reliable torque multiplication for the increasing number of larger motion control applications being seen in the market.

This relatively new product line is an extension of our highly successful Watt Drive helical reducer and gearmotor program. Considered a premium quality design for demanding requirements, the migration to servo driven applications was a natural.

The new High Torque series features two inline configurations and two right angle configurations for maximum design versatility and mounting ease. All feature good backlash characteristics and a variety of motor adapter plates for virtually all servo motors appropriate for these reducer sizes.

The most popular model so far is our K series helical bevel right angle design. The output is available with a single or dual output shaft, hollow bore with key, or the more common choice: hollow bore with shrink disc. The shrink disc allows the reducer to be directly mounted on the driven shaft with a zero backlash connection, which saves space and the extra cost of a coupling. Bolt on output flanges are available for mounting to a machine frame as are torque arms for typical shaft mounting.

The other right angle configuration offered is our S series helical worm design. At a lower cost than the helical bevel, this model is more appropriate for speed control or less cycles per minute. It has higher efficiencies than a straight worm design, but with all the mounting benefits. Capacities are limited to around 1,400 Nm.

There are two models that orient the servo motor in the same direction as the output shaft. The standard H series inline helical gearhead is not exactly coaxial, but has a minimal offset from the output shaft, depending on ratio. The higher the ratio, where additional stages are added, the more the parallel offset. Capacities up to 14,000 Nm are available and either foot or flange mounting is possible. These come with a standard output shaft.

The other “inline” model is our A/F series parallel shaft model. This design minimizes the overall length of the reducer but has a pronounced parallel offset. The main advantage is this gearhead can be mounted directly on the driven shaft as well as having a dual shaft option. This increases integration flexibility. Capacities for this model also reach up to 14,000 Nm.

This program is ideal for high torque requirements and where mounting flexibility is desired. These designs are an extremely cost effective alternative to the larger planetary and planetary bevel gearheads typically specified. They offer a unique and reliable solution where cost is a concern but performance must be maintained.

Please contact your Diequa representative for all your gearbox and gearhead needs. We not only offer the widest range of models and configurations available from a single source, we also have the know how to help you select the optimal design for your specific application.



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