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Double Power Double Speed Explained

DieQua has recently produced a four-page flier briefly explaining a particular function and benefit of their Watt Drive EUSAS motor. The moniker of Double Power Double Speed was coined to reference the ability of this motor to maintain constant torque to 120 Hz, or double the nominal speed. With constant torque at twice the speed, horsepower is also therefore doubled.

There are two obvious benefits to this feature. With the potential to use a smaller motor there is a reduction in both cost and weight. It’s also possible that many add on options that are size related would also be less costly, increasing the savings.

As the new flier (PDF - 725KB) highlights there are specific criteria necessary to achieve the benefit of this capability. A high voltage power source and an appropriate inverter of sufficient amperage capacity are the basic requirements. The inverter must also be adjustable to control flux and the Volts/hertz relationship.

What enables the EUSAS motor to achieve this performance level is a special winding and a relatively unique terminal box. Wiring the motor in a specific manner, along with the other minimum system requirements, allows the motor to maintain constant torque past it’s normal field weakening point all the way up to double it’s nominal rating.

The benefit of this motor can best be realized through the use of a speed reducer or gearbox. There is an example in the flier that highlights how a reducer’s ratio can be altered to maximize the motor performance.

The Watt Drive program offers four basic speed reducer designs that can be integrated with the EUSAS motor resulting in a one piece gearmotor. This speed reducer series is also available with input adapters for NEMA, IEC or servo motors should the customer have an alternate motor preference.

Another advantage of the EUSAS motor is it’s ability to accommodate virtually every Volts/Hertz combination found worldwide by simply connecting the motor in different ways. This allows one motor to be used for both domestic and export markets without de-rating or requiring multiple models for the various markets.

If this sounds interesting, please contact your DieQua representative to learn more about how Double Power Double Speed can benefit your machine design.



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