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DieQua Holds National Sales Meeting

Eighteen sales agents traveled to the Chicago area on Sunday October 16th for DieQua’s National Sales Meeting. Coming from East and West, North and South, it was the largest contingent to date to attend the annual conference.

Festivities began on Sunday evening with a welcome reception at the hotel. Old friendships were rekindled as new ones were established. The on site bowling lanes got a workout and the pool table saw its share of wannabe sharks. The food was great but the conversation was even better. The Bears won, which thrilled the locals. The Brewers lost which disappointed our colleagues from Wisconsin. But other than that it was a perfect evening to get everyone relaxed and in the mood for some DieQua culture.

With 7 first timers and 11 old timers, the meeting started as usual with a discussion on what everybody wanted to be sure to get out of the event. It’s an old tradition we have to be sure no one leaves without getting their most important questions answered.

The first major topic was our new initiative focusing on expanding DieQua’s influence in the motion control market place. Our new Motion Products Manager, Tom Kahn, was introduced to the crew and then began to share his recent research and outline the reasons Diequa will be successful.

To support this initiative the first product training segment highlighted the WATT Drive high torque servo gearhead solution. This is an extension of the standard gearmotor/gearbox product line that includes a wide variety of inline and right angle options. A new engineering catalog was introduced during the presentation that included all new data strictly for servo applications. This is seen as a major growth segment as more large torque requirements are being driven by servos, with other typical gearhead offerings being high priced and lacking mounting flexibility.

The second product training session featured a review of the Dynabox servo worm program. Even though its our fastest growing product line many were still unclear about the many advantages this design can offer the servo market. With 3 levels of backlash, 5 output options and an extremely compact design, it fills a right angle niche many motion system designers have been looking for.

Our third and final session of the day switched gears and reverted back to our power transmission roots as we dissected the benefits of our new Varvel worm speed reducer. Although seemingly a basic, over saturated product group, the Varvel solution has many new features that address the common complaints users have with standard worm reducers. Its input coupling system is an important departure that offers many performance improvements over competitive designs.

The Monday evening special event was a murder mystery dinner with a Twenties gangster theme. Held at the Baker Hotel in St Charles, now notable as the location of a clandestine meeting between NFL owners and the Players Association during the recent football strike, it was an excellent mix of nostalgia, good food and a little fun. And the sight of a bunch of people wearing bad felt gangster hats all evening was hilarious.

Tuesday morning saw our last technical session as we dove into the benefits of our Watt Drive EUSAS worldwide motor. Everyone knew of the special construction that allowed the same motor to be used in virtually any volts/hz combination, anywhere in the world without de-rating. But this day’s topic was its Double Power/Double Speed feature that allows it to maintain full torque all the way to 120 Hz when inverter driven and some other requirements are met.

The concepts surrounding this capability were a bit of a challenge for many of the gearheads in the room but the basic premise finally took hold with the help of a new brochure explaining how it all works. It clearly has great cost and size benefits that are most apparent as motors get up above 5 or 10 HP.

The remainder of the morning was filled with performance statistics, provided by Sales Manger Mary Delafeld, previews of new products in development and general discussions closing the loop on any questions unanswered. After lunch the agents dispersed, some driving while others took limos to O’Hare or Midway to get back to their territories and the work that was piling up at home.

Feedback from the event was thankfully all positive. New information was imparted and the agents seemed genuinely energized to hit the road for Diequa and their customers. In the end all felt it was a good use of time and effort.



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