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European Partners Pay A Visit

DieQua Corporation bills itself as a manufacturer and suppliers of the widest range of gearboxes and gearheads available from a single source. Many mistakenly think of us as distributors. But that isn’t the case.

We are the exclusive North American source for several premium brands of European designed gearboxes. Although a privately held company, we act as a subsidiary for our partners in this region of the world. As such, we have established joint ventures to manufacture a variety of components and assemble the vast majority of the products we provide.

We work closely with our partners to develop new products and to identify new markets where our products can be useful. Face to face interaction is the best way to communicate the needs of our customers and how that may differ from other parts of the world.

Erich Protas, the Motor Product Manger from Watt Drive was the first to visit. Watt Drive’s EUSAS motor has many unique features that make it an extremely versatile and flexible solution when used in conjunction with it’s speed reducer products. Specially designed to allow wiring for virtually any volts/hertz combination found throughout the world, this has big benefits for companies supplying their machinery domestically as well as to export markets.

However, there is another benefit that Mr. Protas was here to share with us. This motor also has the ability to extend its continuous torque range all the way to 120 Hz when inverter driven and supplied with high voltage. This in essence doubles the power possible from an individual motor frame, saving cost and weight in appropriate applications.

Another well know advantage of the Watt EUSAS motor is it’s modular design that allows a variety of options to be added in kit form, either at initial assembly or when field retrofits are required. This improves the serviceability of a customer’s gearmotor and provides for easier upgrades at later dates.

Our second visitor, coming the following week, was Fabiana Turrini, the International Sales Manager of Varvel, a manufacturer of premium quality worm reducers, as well as light duty inline and helical bevel speed reducers. This is a relatively new partner of ours, but one in which we see tremendous promise. With market penetration in over 60 countries worldwide, they are a major player in this niche.

The Varvel worm reducer’s claim to fame is a unique input motor connection that has a long list of benefits for the worm gear integrator. Eliminating the vast majority of complaints users have with typical worm products, this design is a breath of fresh air in a market where commodity pricing and reducing quality has continued to give worm technology it’s second class status.

Ms. Turrini was here to discuss ways of working together to help us educate the North American market on the value of the Varvel worm reducer design and to formulate strategies for increased manufacturing and warehousing levels in our Chicago area factory. Offering products with both inch and metric dimensions, for both NEMA and IEC motors, provides unique flexibility for machinery manufacturers. Seamlessly and reliably supplying a growing demand for this expansive product line was a primary topic for discussion.

DieQua works very closely with all their strategic manufacturing and design partners to bring the highest quality, widest range and most versatile gearbox designs to North American machinery manufacturers. And with decades of experience applying a variety of gearboxes we are able to provide the optimal solution for our customer’s needs.

Call DieQua with your next gearbox challenge. You may be surprised at the quality of support and service you receive as well as with the specific product we help you select.



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