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DieQua Sets Pace for Record Year

After analyzing results from the first 6 months of 2011, DieQua can’t help but be optimistic on how the year will turn out. With order bookings over 35% higher than any other comparable time period, Diequa has emerged from the gloomy days of 2008/2009 and then some.

Growth was seen in virtually every product group, with the exception of one mature legacy offering. Gearbox sales in both the Power Transmission and Motion Control sectors advanced strongly as did the screw jack line.

The growth by percentage leader, within product lines more than three years old, was the Dynabox servo worm reducer. Several large projects for automated rotary tables and for satellite dish positioning propelled sales to double their previous levels.

The leader in dollar volume growth was our Watt Drive product line. Consisting of premium quality helical gearmotors and speed reducers for prime mover and auxiliary power transmission, this line got a boost from the introduction of a series of gearheads for high torque servo controlled applications. This is seen as a significant growth area as the new products available have not really been official launched.

Another bright spot was our Zimm series of screw jacks. A recently redesigned high performance jack body has been well received while the extensive range of accessories has led to an increase in interest for complete lifting drive systems.

Our newest product line, the Varvel worm speed reducer, has proven to be an excellent addition to our gearbox family. First acquired less than 18 months ago, this product line has had the fastest growth of any product we’ve introduced. With several large projects in the works, this will likely be the percentage growth leader for the next several time periods.

Significant but less dramatic growth has also been seen in our Planetdrive and ServoFoxx planetary gearhead lines. This along with the previously mentioned growth in the Dynabox and Watt Servo offerings is driving the Motion Products group to new heights. A new Product Manager has recently been hired to maximize the new opportunities in this important sector.

Our Tandler spiral bevel gearbox line has experienced a modest increase with several new projects requiring customized solutions. This is one of our most versatile product lines with almost 40% of orders including options or customization for satisfying customer’s unique requirements.

Other product groups including shaft couplings, torque limiters, variable speed gearboxes, and the parts and service department have all seen advancing sales to one level or another. Only our Speed Correction Drive product, once our top producer, has retreated as the available market has diminished.

While the year isn’t over and the economic news isn’t stellar, 2011 looks to be a positive step in the further growth of Diequa Corporation as a major player in the power transmission and motion control industries. With the widest range of gearbox drive solutions available, along with the experience and know how to select the appropriate technology for our customers needs, we are in a unique position to be a significant contributor to our customer’s success.



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