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DieQua Adds Production Capacity

It still surprises us that some think of DieQua as a distributor. Perhaps it’s because of the wide range of products we offer. But in fact we manufacture and assemble the majority of the gearboxes that we sell, under partnership agreements with our European brands. So that requires us to continue to upgrade our equipment and capabilities to support our growth.

In 2010 the federal government offered something called a section 179. For those of you who own a business and want or need to invest in capital equipment this is a wonderful thing. Instead of paying taxes on the profits we earned we were able to use that revenue to purchase a brand new Okuma LB3000 EX 5-Axis CNC Lathe and depreciate it fully in the 2010 tax year.

The purpose of the machine is not necessarily just to run parts around the clock but to substantially increase our flexibility and capability to run complex custom components in as little as one or two operations. The machine is a 5-Axis, twin spindle, single turret holding live tooling facing both forward and backward towards each spindle. It’s an amazing machine that allows us to turn, cross drill, offset mill, drill, tap, engrave, mill profiles, mill precision keyways, etc. Being twin-spindle the machining of the front and back of the part are performed in one operation. A blank piece of metal goes in and a finished part comes out.

The bottom line is we can now offer custom solutions with a very competitive cost structure. Since the number of machining operations is substantially reduced, so are the number of set-ups. Material handling between machines goes away, and the since the machine is new and more powerful, the machining time is brought way down.

DieQua Corporation offers both standard and customized gearboxes and drive solutions for the power transmission and motion control industries. So, the next time you need a quality speed reducing solution from somebody that can help you select the right drive for your unique need, give us a call. Our experience with thousands of applications allows us to provide exceptional value and become an important extension of our customer’s design team.



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