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Worm Reducer Stock Arrives

After a year of testing the market and introducing the Varvel line of aluminum body worm speed reducers to the North American market, the first shipments of inventory have been hitting DieQua’s shelves over the last two months.

Varvel is an Italian manufacturer of premium quality, light duty gearboxes and speed reducers. These include worm gear, inline helical, helical bevel, helical worm, and parallel shaft designs, all in aluminum housings. The first product group to be introduced and stocked in North America by DieQua Corporation is the worm gear program.

This product line will have several unique aspects. Along with the technical advantages highlighted in our January DieQua News article and on the technical specification pages of our website, the design versatility will be more extensive than is offered by other manufactures of similar products.

In keeping with our European roots, but understanding the needs of our North American customer base, worm gearboxes will be stocked with both metric and inch series hollow bore output shafts. Optional metric and inch insert shafts, with the appropriate retaining kits, will allow for single or dual shaft extensions.

Standard input interfaces will include adapters for both NEMA and IEC motors to satisfy both domestic and export drive requirements. Although not yet stocked, free input shafts and servo motor adapters are available upon request.

Seven sizes of gearboxes with center distances from 28 mm (1.1”) to 110mm (4.33”) will be on hand in ratios from 7:1 to 100:1. Kits to combine sizes for 2 and 3 stage high ratio solutions are also available.

Contact DieQua Corporation for all your gearbox needs. We offer the widest range gearboxes, gearheads, and speed reducers available from a single source and the know how to help you select the best technology for your unique requirements.



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