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DieQua Attends Tandler International Sales Meeting

Tandler GMBH of Bremen, Germany hosted their international sales meeting October 10-12.  Along with the DieQua contingent, over 30 other sales partners and representatives from all over the world attended the event that has been held every other year since 1986.

Tandler was DieQua’s first power transmission component manufacturing partner. The relationship began back in 1983.  Tandler products still represent the highest percentage of sales within DieQua’s product range.

The primary product provided is their line of precision spiral bevel gearboxes.  These are a heavy duty, low backlash design offering the widest range of sizes, ratios and shaft configurations available.  They also offer other unique capabilities as 50% of all orders are provided with options or customized designs for specific needs.

The other Tandler product lines are shaft phasing gearboxes, what we call speed correction drives, used for timing, registration control and tension control applications and a series of precision inline and right angle servo gearheads.

The sales meeting started on Sunday night with a reception for all the arriving representatives.  With many agencies representing Tandler for more than 20 years, it was a welcome opportunity to re-establish old friendships and meet the new organizations that were recently brought on board.  Several countries not previously represented added to the complex international flavor.

The technical portion of the meeting was held on Monday.  The initial topic of discussion was the recent design and sale of the first hypoid gearboxes produced by Tandler.  The technology is being considered for a new product line roll out.  This would increase single stage right angle solutions from the existing upper end 6:1 ratio to 15:1.  The second new product development introduced was a lower cost planetary gearhead.

The majority of the remainder of the day was spent reviewing the application examples presented by each of the participating agent companies.  From opportunity sourcing to data acquisition to solution development, the entire process was reviewed in each presentation.  The number of unique industries served and creative uses of the product was an eye opener for the possible opportunities to integrate these products.  Everyone, even the most experienced veterans, came away with new targets and design concepts.

The second morning of the meeting started with sales training and how it related to the types of customers that find our products and services most valuable.  The Tandler sales process is a consultative technical one, which has its own unique characteristics.  Knowledge is the key. Understanding the customers’ unique needs and knowing which product satisfies those needs will lead to greater levels of sales success and customer loyalty.

A short technical session on the design benefits of the ServoFoxx planetary gearhead followed.  While it’s a high priced product, the design elements incorporated make it perhaps the most precise and reliable gearhead in the world. Some of the advantages are subtle, but can make a big difference in performance.

The final two meeting presentations covered the new production planning software, which has helped to drastically improve factory efficiency and on time delivery and the new CRM system developed to improve customer interaction.  After lunch the cars were packed up and everyone was transported to the factory for a tour to see the latest automation improvements closing the loop on the operating advancements achieved since the last meeting.

The three attendees from DieQua; President Mike Quaas, Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Popp and Outside Sales Manager Mary Delafeld, along with the majority of the other attendees, felt this was one of the best meetings held to date.  The pace was fast, the information enlightening and the participants were engaged.  All left the international meeting Tuesday afternoon with renewed confidence, vigor and the desire to help out customers on a deeper technical level and with improved service.



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