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35+ Countries Attend Coupling Summit

Representatives from over 35 countries descended on Niedernberg, Germany for the 4th International Sales Meeting hosted by R+W Coupling Technology. R+W is a world leader in bellows, elastomer insert jaw, and torque limiting safety couplings. This series of global meetings are held every four years.

Chris Popp, DieQua Corporation’s Director of Sales and Marketing, attended this gathering for the third time, which included the first one in 1998. DieQua is a direct importer of R+W products and represents their range of shaft coupling solutions in North America.

Every continent but Antarctica was represented at the meeting, which is a testament to R+W’s growth and influence in the world market for shaft coupling and safety products. Along with several R+W corporate sales offices, they have sales partnerships established in 50 other industrialized countries.

Two new developments were the featured topics at this year’s meeting. The first was the new ST series of heavy-duty torque limiters capable of torques up to 160,000 Nm in the standard program, with a possibility of up to 500,000 Nm in special design. There are very few options for safety at these high torque values and the options available are expensive and difficult to reset after disengagement.

The R+W version includes individual ball and detent elements that can be accurately adjusted and reset with simple tools. The actual size of the safety coupling is also much smaller than competitive models, which reduces the space required and cost of installation.

The second new development is the expansion of the jaw coupling series to three additional sizes. The largest has a continuous rating of 12,500 Nm with a peak rating of 25,000 Nm. But it was announced that plans are in the works for models offering capabilities up to an astounding 500,000 Nm in the future.

Along with R+W couplings, DieQua partners with several European gearbox manufacturers to manufacture and supply solutions for a wide variety of applications requiring highly reliable power transmission or precise motion control. We use a consultative approach to find the best drive components for each unique need.

So, when you have a mechanical drive, couple connection or overload protection application, we invite you to give us a call. We have the products and experience necessary to enhance your machine design.



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