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June Motion Control Show Scheduled

DieQua announces that they will participate in the upcoming GlobalSpec Motion Control Virtual Tradeshow happening on Wednesday, June 9th. You may have experienced other virtual online tradeshows that were less than stellar. This one promises to be like no other.

The Global Spec Virtual Tradeshow is highly interactive allowing live chat with booth personnel, which recreates the face-to-face conversations more common to actual tradeshows.  In addition, the possibility to see how other conversations transpired or to get timely updates through each booth’s public chat room add to the experience.

Products and services are presented in a variety of ways.  In our case, we have produced several videos highlighting both the general program as well as the individual product groups.  There is also a section where introductory brochures and complete engineering catalogs can be either viewed directly or downloaded to a personal briefcase that can be saved and looked at during a more convenient time.

Other companies also offer white papers, how-to guides, Power Point presentations and the popular give-away, as appropriate for what they are offering.

Also, Global Spec has set up a schedule of conferences relevant to the industry, just like they have at physical tradeshows.  These are held at specific times.  Make sure you check your time zone so as not to miss them.

This event represents the likely future of many tradeshows.  More products and information can be presented without the loss of the live interactivity that physical shows are best for.

Check out the registration web page and get yourself ready for a new motion experience. We hope to see you at the show!



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