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Social Networking Has Come To DieQua

You may have noticed a few new icons near the top of the monthly newsletter. That’s right, social networking has come to DieQua. But why would you follow us?

Well, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, you may not have heard that social networking sites are all the rage. While many originally thought it was a fad, the influence of this media on communication is growing rapidly. At first it started as a way to keep social contacts going. But more and more business-to-business applications have been rising to the surface.

While Twitter became famous as a way to follow celebrities, it is now used by businesses to quickly inform customers of updates to product lines, web site changes, service tips, and other news. Notices are short and typically redirect the follower to more information stored in another location.

Follow diequa on Twitter

We’ve also started a Facebook fan page. This allows us more detailed posts to help you decide what is relevant for you and offers links to specific information a customer may find valuable. This saves time from having to revisit our web page on a frequent basis to keep up with our continual updates regarding new products and services. And there is an interactive element to this page that allows fans to add posts of their own.

DieQua now has our own YouTube channel. We are in the process of producing a variety of videos highlighting the features and benefits of our individual products or product groups. A few videos already reside on our channel. The content will expand dramatically as new videos are being created on a monthly basis. Notification of these additions will go out via Twitter and Facebook, making these valuable portals for communicating the latest developments.

With your day as busy as it is, let us inform you when new things are on the horizon. Join our relationship networks and you’ll get the latest DieQua news as soon as it comes out.



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