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DieQua Creates Archive of Application Examples

Taken from our monthly newsletter, Diequa In Motion, we have recently created an archive of our “Application of the Month” articles and segregated them by product groups. It was intended to provide readers the opportunity to get some great ideas on how to apply the various products we offer and review some of the engineering challenges that have to be considered in their implementation. See the complete list of over 30 articles on our application examples page.

Application Examples by Product

Our Application of the Month articles are based on real customer applications taken from the many new ones we’re involved with on a daily basis. They are selected primarily for their educational value and level of market interest. These encompass a wide range of power transmission and motion control design requirements in a variety of different industries, from packaging to processing to transportation to energy, just to name a few.

You’ll notice that specific customers are not revealed. That’s because some of the actual application details are altered to provide a more educational article. With so many different types of customers designing different types of machines, it’s the application concepts that are really important. Not the customer reference. So we try to make the article relevant and more useful for a wider audience.

As you are well aware, many design ideas work across industries, with the thought process and parameter analysis similar for similar motion profiles. That’s why we often reference other applications that can benefit from the discussion at hand.

Along with providing some great products and services we also endeavor to be a valuable educational resource. Whenever you have questions about gearboxes or how to apply them, we’re here to help you out whether we have a product that fit’s your needs or not. And if we don’t know the answer it’s very likely we know who does. So, next time you have a design challenge, give us a call.



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