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DieQua Produces "Why DieQua?" Video

There aren’t many companies like DieQua with the unique combination of offering so many different gear products along with the “know how” to help select the right one. That’s why it can be difficult to describe us in a conventional manner or with a standard organizational description.

While we manufacture many of the parts we use in our gearboxes, locally source others, and assemble in our Chicago area factory the majority of the finished products we offer, the products aren’t completely ours. Manufacturing and assembly is done in close cooperation with our European partners who’s top quality designs and worldwide recognized brand names we promote throughout the United States and Canada.

While it seems like we offer a lot of products we’re not a distributor as you may know it. We’re more like the North American subsidiary of our manufacturing partners, exclusively educating the market about their benefits, establishing national, regional, and local sales channels, and providing comprehensive customer service.

While we routinely provide product selection assistance and engineering support to help integrate multiple products into our customer’s machine designs we’re not just mechanical system integrators. It’s only one more of the beneficial services we offer that sets us apart from the competition.

It’s been clear to us for years that these activities don’t fit into a neatly named bundle. And because of that it’s been a challenge to communicate our unique proposition. So, to help you further understand who DieQua is and what value we can provide as an extension of your design and procurement teams, we have developed and produced a short 3 minute video. We invite you to take a quick look.



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