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DieQua Reorganizes Their Website Home Page

With one of the widest ranges of gearboxes, gearmotors, and gearheads available from a single source, finding the correct solution on our website was a bit of a challenge. So we updated the home page to help get you on track faster and down the right path to finding what you are looking for.

Previously on the home page we listed a variety of products under the heading “Product Overview”. While it gave a good representation of what we offered, it missed the other products we have available. It was also somewhat confusing because several of the products look similar but perform different tasks. Therefore it was often difficult for the visitor to pick the product most appropriate for his needs.

To help our visitors navigate from the home page more easily we now have a “Product Group Overview”. Whether speed reducers for power transmission, gearheads for motion control, or other types of gearboxes and connecting components, the visitor can quickly identify the type of product he is looking for and jump to another page that more compressively highlights the wider product offering and options within that group. There are now seven major groups identified.

Speed Reducers, Gearmotors, and Motors include a variety of power transmission solutions in right angle, inline and parallel configurations. There are high performance models, economy models, stainless steel models, all with a variety of options and customizable capabilities. And our motors offer unique features not commonly found.

The Precision and Economical Servo Gearhead group offers products for the motion control enthusiast. More than just another line of planetary gearheads, this program has a variety of unique solutions, especially for those needing or wanting right angle configurations. Nowhere else will you find the selection of servo gearheads available to maximize the versatility and value of your machine designs.

The Spiral Bevel Gearboxes group reviews our primary legacy product and the one we are probably best known for. It highlights the extensive Tandler product line which includes the best, most diverse, and highest quality spiral bevel gearbox in the world.

The Shaft Phasing and Variable Speed Gearbox group highlights special purpose products for mechanical position and speed control. Unlike other similar products these offer unique features, benefits, and quality not available in competitive models.

Special Design Gearboxes are really not specific gearboxes at all. This section highlights many of the specials, options, and customization capabilities we offer across all our product lines. In fact, “customized solutions” is one of our biggest supplier differentiators. It’s what sets us apart and allows us to provide high value to our customers.

Screw Jack Systems are a small departure from our drive line focus. But a screw jack is a gearbox based product and the systemized approach to specifying a screw jack lifting system fits well with our expertise. And integrated with the wide variety of other drive products we have, offering complete assemblies is a major time saver for our customers.

The final group consists of Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line Shafts. It’s no accident that we have an outstanding collection of precision solutions in this area. Gearboxes always have to be connected some how and many applications require torque limiters for machine safety and reduced downtime. With a vast range of zero backlash connection options in both bellows and jaw designs, we are sure to have a quality connection option to fit your needs.

By restructuring the home page product overview it is our hope that our visitors will be better able to navigate through the extensive product resources we offer. But as always, we welcome your phone calls. That may be the fastest way to arrive at the optimal solution for your application needs.



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