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DieQua's First Quarter Century Employee

DieQua Corporation is pleased to announce they have their first quarter century employee as Chris Popp, the current Director of Sales and Marketing, celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company on March 19th.

In 1984 Dietmar Quaas, the founder of DieQua Corporation, hired Chris as his first full time employee to help launch the new gearbox division that was being created. Up to that point DieQua was a one man used metal packaging machinery brokerage firm. To diversify the business, Mr. Quaas had the previous year secured the exclusive rights to market and sell the Tandler line of low backlash spiral bevel gearboxes and shaft phasing gearboxes throughout North America. Knowing Chris personally for a few years, Dietmar offered him the job to lead that effort.

A sales position was a new direction for Chris as he had toiled for 5 years in manufacturing, primarily in production and inventory planning. But the internal customer service skills he developed during that time translated well to the outside world resulting in the successful introduction of the new product line and the development of the customer-centric consultative approach that has been a trademark of DieQua since the beginning.

Initial sales activities were focused in the Printing and Paper Converting industries where the precision and flexibility of the Tandler solution were especially well suited. Chris eventually became a respected expert in drive line design for these industries helping many customers improve the performance and productivity of their equipment. Of course the unique qualities of the Tandler products didn’t hurt this endeavor.

As sales increased and additional support was required Chris was promoted to the position of Sales Manager and began to assemble his sales force. Although first only one then another salesman was hired, the group eventually grew to include direct sales engineers, manufacturer representatives, and inside support specialists. Chris held this position for several years.

In the mid 90s, as new product lines and manufacturing partners were added to expand the DieQua offering, the need for more focused promotion came to the forefront. Chris made a lateral move to the created position of Director of Marketing. He established a successful advertising campaign, recreated all the European engineering product catalogs into more American friendly versions, and began development of a web site for that new marketing medium called the World Wide Web.

During this time Chris continued to act as the primary technical product manager for the growing list of mechanical motion control products being represented and marketed by DieQua. With the advent and growth of servo controlled and other precision motion applications his experience and creativity resulted in many unique solutions using the wide variety of gear technologies that were now available within the DieQua Motion Products group.

The corporate desire and plan to better blend the activities of the Sales and Marketing departments brought about the next management structural change at DieQua. In 2007 Chris was promoted to the new position of Director of Sales and Marketing to oversee and coordinate the combined efforts of the outside sales force, inside sales, technical product support, and the marketing department.

DieQua Corporation congratulates Chris Popp on his accomplishments and thanks him for his many, many years of loyal and productive service to the company. We wish him good luck and continued success.



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