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Water-Cooled Speed Reducers A Big Hit!

DieQua recently exhibited at the Iron and Steel Technology show in Pittsburgh, PA. We highlighted our unique water-cooled speed reducers for high heat environments as well as other speed reducers and gearmotors.

This exhibition sponsored by AIST, or the Association for Iron and Steel Technology, had as it’s mission: Advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel. We were focused on the production and processing section as we had something new to show the world.

WATT Drive has been supplying gear motors to the European Steel Industry for many years. One of the most poplar models has been their unique water-cooled parallel shaft drive for use near high heat sources. Although each application requires separate flow rate analysis for proper heat dissipation, the design concept is similar from project to project.

We also exhibited another design with a heat shield and standard products for other steel Industry applications. Because of the continuous nature of steel making, very reliable gear drives are a necessity. Production just can’t go down. WATT Drive’s heavy duty construction and protection options are ideal for holding up to these conditions.

Overall, the show was well attended and many new contacts were established. While the American steel industry is not a high growth segment, many manufacturers are poised for major plant upgrades. This bodes well for our future competitiveness in the world market.

WATT Drive Steel Industry Flyer - 522KB PDF



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