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They Came to Chicago!

First Annual Sales Partner Meeting Held at DieQua

They came from Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, and all points in between. Where to you ask? To the first Annual meeting of sales partners held in January at DieQua Corporation’s Chicago Headquarters.

All of our field sales partners (several that are new, as reported in last month’s Diequa News) have some experience selling power transmission and motion control products. However, many have been more involved in the traditional supply and support model used by the majority of manufacturers. To better align with our solution based philosophy some different skill sets had to be highlighted and reviewed. Certainly nothing new to our experienced professionals, but it was a refocusing of how to communicate the DieQua advantage.

The theme of the meeting was “Who is DieQua and why are we different?”. Clearly, with competition from companies big and small, across all our product lines, differentiation is of prime importance. With the surge of technical communication, engineers have a hard time cutting through the clutter to find suppliers who can best fill their needs.

As opposed to providing buzz words, mission statements, or eye glazing technical training, we focused on two main areas during the two-day meeting.

The first area was a review of the extensive product range we offer, especially the value added services we can provide. These included a dizzying array of standard options for applications requiring different configurations, special mounting, upgraded performance characteristics, and environmental conditions. We also highlighted our capabilities for customization of standard products, providing system solutions, and creating complete special designs for specific needs. The message was not to memorize all these capabilities, but to communicate our focus on providing true solutions for our customers, whether a standard product or something special.

The second area covered was on the selling process that is a trademark of DieQua Corporation. It’s one of drilling down into the customer’s needs and desires instead of a product dump and hoping something sticks. It’s been our experience that, while most engineers know what they want to achieve, they don’t always know how to go about getting it. Our consultative approach helps our customers identify the important elements of the application while our experience provides the basis for selecting the appropriate technology, of which we have many. The message here was to identify the pain and help take it away.

Feedback from our sales partners was extremely upbeat, knowing better that they have something unique to offer the market place other than just another product line with the same old list of features and benefits. While they are now all re-energized (as sales meetings are apt to do), it’s their further knowledge that will be of most help to our customers and prospects going forward.

But don’t wait for them to call on you, if you have an application you are itching to get solved, give us a call. If we don’t have the product to meet your needs, we’ll help you find the place you can get it. That’s just how we do things.



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