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DieQua Exhibits at CMM 2007 Tradeshow

The Converting Machinery and Materials exhibition was held in June at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. DieQua was there showing their wares.

CMM has been the traditional leader in exhibitions featuring the latest in converting machinery and support products. While, in the past, paper, films and foils have been the substrate most highlighted, plastics and other substrates have recently been getting their due.

While still a vibrant industry from the consumer’s point of view, the capital equipment end has struggled to maintain the tremendous growth experienced in the nineties. Prime reasons are that machinery productivity has grown faster than product demand and consolidation in the converted product manufacturing sector has diverted funds from new equipment to company acquisition.

Productivity gains have been a direct result of the rapidly developing motion control industry.  Higher speeds, less waste, quicker tooling conversion, and more flexibility, has all aided converters to produce more with less. This has helped many companies with profitability. However, others have had difficulty filling the excess capacity.

New developments in machinery and systems continue to come to market to satisfy a variety of industry challenges. More high tech control systems are being incorporated. The higher costs of these highly controlled machines somewhat offsets the lower number of units sold to continue to make the converting industry an exciting field to play in.

DieQua has been exhibiting at CMM since 1987, which made this our 20th year anniversary of participation. For many years our main focus was our mechanical speed correction drives, which are used for shaft phasing, registration, and narrow range speed control, as well as our low backlash spiral bevel gearboxes. Both these product lines were unique in the market place for delivering the precision, speed, and accuracy required in most converting machines.

But as market requirements have changed so has our product offering. The phasing and bevel boxes were still shown, but so was one of the widest ranges of servo gearheads. Servo control has taken the converting market by storm and we have been there to satisfy the developing needs. With our Servofoxx precision gearheads, Planetdrive economy gearheads, and Dynabox servo worms, we were able to offer all performance levels for both inline and right angle applications.

Standard industrial drives are also used for both prime converting machinery movement and for auxiliary feed and delivery systems. Our WATT Drive helical reducer program provides high performance and extreme reliability in either constant or variable speed applications. Several models and capabilities, including servo motor adapters for these reducers, were prominently displayed.

To connect and protect drives and driven elements, a variety of couplings and torque limiters by R+W were also presented. Zero backlash was the mantra as precise control, with connection versatility and reliability, was a prime concern of those visiting to see all the options.

While rotary motion was the main theme, positioning, lifting and adjusting was another requirement that browsers found a solution for. Our Zimm screwjack display showed our wide range of system components and capabilities, many providing some unique automation alternatives, along with more standard screw jack offerings.

While this year’s CMM was down in attendance, due to a combination of a change in venue and competitive exhibitions, a number of new relationships and application discussions were initiated. Seeing new machine designs and old customer friends is also a valuable element in evaluating a successful show. In all aspects this show produced the expected results.



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