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DieQua to Assemble Dynabox Servo Gearheads

Diequa Corporation is pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with Girard, of Pau France, to begin assembling the Dynabox series of servo worm gearheads in the United States. The first units are scheduled to be built starting in February 2007.

This will have a major impact on the potential leadtimes as small orders will now be available within two weeks, depending on model and configuration. The assembly program for Basic, Medium and Expert versions, will start with sizes 35 through 75. Sizes 90, 110, and the entire XL series will still be produced in France, for the time being. Large blanket orders, for all sizes, will also be provided by Girard, through Diequa Corporation.

The delivery demands for servo gearheads, in general, has been trending towards shorter time frames. This new development will increase Diequa's flexibility to provide Dynabox servo worm gearheads in the time necessary to meet customer's needs.

The Dynabox series of servo worm gearheads offers 3 levels of backlash. The Basic version has less than 10 arc minutes, the Medium version has less than 5 arc minutes, and the Expert version has less than 1 arc minute of backlash. A proprietary worm profile design maintains the backlash level over the life of the unit, which is typically rated for 20,000 hours. Output shaft configurations include single and dual output shafts, smooth bores with shrink discs, hollow bores with keyways, and a flange style shaft for connecting to rotary tables and other devices.

Ratios start at a nominal 5:1 and go up to 90:1 in a single stage. Motor adapters for virtually all servo motors are available and include a flexible coupling connection to compensate for motor misalignment and thermal expansion.

The Dynabox servo worm gearhead is an ideal solution for machine designs requiring a compact right angle configuration. Versions for both value and precision are available. Precise rotary motion, quiet operation, relatively high efficiency, and high shock load capacity are the major benefits of integrating these gearheads into your next servo controlled application. Contact Diequa Corporation for selection assistance and technical data.



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